Are you worried about Brexit?


24th March 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May plans to trigger Article 50 on Wednesday (29 March), meaning Britain will start to leave the European Union (EU).

Although Brexit’s been in the news for several months, we haven’t officially left the EU yet. In fact, we haven’t even officially started the process of leaving.

That’s because the process is very complicated. No country that chooses to leave the EU can begin their exit until they trigger something called Article 50. Once this is triggered the country has two years to agree the details of their departure with the EU.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50, formally telling the European Council and officially beginning this process, according to Downing Street.

As First News went to press, European Council President Donald Tusk (top right) announced that an EU Council meeting will be held on 29 April to discuss Brexit.

In other words, Brexit has definitely begun.

If you’re confused about Brexit, CLICK HERE to watch our I Don’t Get It video on Brexit. 

Are you worried about Brexit?


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shpee · 5 years ago

Yes. We're doomed. Doomed!
But seriously I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be to far off to say that if you so much as critisise Brexit then Theresa May will tell you to stop or they'll sue you or something.

shpee · 5 years ago

Also, most think tanks and stuff seem to say that the economy won't do very well after leaving.

1isme · 5 years ago

After we leave we will not be as secure as we where, however we will become more stable and secure than before.

scootz · 5 years ago

I am worried because we won't be able to travel freely across european borders and it will also be harder for people to come into this country

janatetteh · 5 years ago

We might lose our money or our country or even food.

happy4456 · 5 years ago

Yes, I'm worried! Brexit only happened because other people were better at persuading than others. It will be another 30 years or so until there will be another referendum for this topic. And now, everyone realises that Brexit is a horrible idea! But now it's too late to change. Though, if children got to vote, we wouldn't be in 'mess'!

harryrocks · 5 years ago

I think that leaving the EU was a ridiculous idea, I think that David Cameron shouldn't have held that referendum in the first place!

unicornmag · 5 years ago

I think it might interfere with my future life

gscornmell · 5 years ago

Course i am duh!!!

tincan · 5 years ago

yes im worried because it will be harder to get foreign food like pineapples but i am honestly quite worried (but not just about the pineapples!!)

schwab1 · 5 years ago

list me 5 things the eu did for us

schwab1 · 5 years ago

ah did not mean todo that twice
first thing they did: cost us £350 million a week
and nothing else so I'm not scared

perthgirl · 4 years ago

i have heard a lot about it and it really scares me because they are being really rough on the other countries.

1isme · 4 years ago

The majority of the UK voted to leave so if we don't leave our country would be under goverment dictatorship.

shpee · 4 years ago

The "£350 million" claim misses out rebate, so it's less than that. It's about £100 million less. That's still a lot, but for that we get access to the largest free market, free travel throughout EU countries along with benefits such as easy access to go to school in those countries. So, I'd say that that money is worth it.

dreads · 4 years ago

in this case we will have more and more terror attacks but on the bright side we have
less rules on our country so don't be scared that more terrorists will invade and kill us but still I think less rules in the UK sort of ok with it

dreads · 4 years ago

Theresa may is foolish to actually trigger article 50 on us this is bad but, we will have less rules like
going to school for longer or how much sugar we eat so Theresa may sucs

prongsii · 4 years ago

That annoying THERESA MAY could just hold another vote, now that people are starting to see the problems with brexit.

AlanaH10 · 4 years ago

I agree with harryrocks, happy4456 and scootz

mahumbear · 4 years ago


mahumbear · 4 years ago

I am very scared but Theresa May is tying to protect children and ordinary people so I support her

ASA · 4 years ago

It will make work(when we're older) in other countries that are still in the EU harder and we will need a visa...

uniquepika · 4 years ago

I now understand what brexit is and i am worried because leaving the EU could attract more terrorists into England and the UK.

norensanz · 4 years ago

I am real sad about it .who knew that is would be such an issue.
someday i will be PM and everything will be ok again.
yes England will be doomed forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

orlas · 4 years ago

Yes 100%

Magic10 · 4 years ago

I agree schwab1.

Magic10 · 4 years ago

I don't think we should worry too much. Theresa may is doing all she can to help us. Are you most worried about Brexit or Trump?

kawaii101 · 4 years ago

it will be a very big challenge for Britain after we leave the EU

ozoz · 4 years ago

Just like you, Shpee,we're doomed! I have an European passport and I can't change it.NOT good.??????????????☹️☹️☹️☹️????????????????????????

elyons9299 · 4 years ago

we are absolutely DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jennia · 4 years ago

We should not worry because if we do it will only make it worse. This is all about leaving the EU but we shouldn't worry as it won't be the end of the world.

radishes10 · 4 years ago

Trump is probably worse to be honest. brexit is the least of our worries.............?

even though Theresa May is a poop.?

evadore · 4 years ago

I'm sure it'll make Britain a better place and all that, but I'm pretty sure it could also mean danger, because it could draw the attention of terrorists.

fudge5678 · 4 years ago

I think that the young generation, us children, could be in a very different country in the future when we are no longer part of the EU.

bethyboo8 · 4 years ago

if I had to be honest I don't understand it is I am going t watch the I DNT GET IT video

gaggy116 · 4 years ago

I don't know that much about it but from what everyone says, yes

ninjahari · 4 years ago

I am very unsure so I am worried.

tamara2005 · 4 years ago

Yes! This could be a big mistake. Brexit only happened because other people were better at persuading than others. It will be another 30 years or so until there will be another referendum. And now, everyone realises that Brexit is a horrible idea! But now it's too late to change. Though, if children had been able to vote, we wouldn't be in this 'mess' and brexit probably wouldn't have happened. Now it is happening I trust Teresa May to make the right decisions.

penzere16 · 4 years ago

Yes they're not sorting any of it out and they are saying to wait 7 more weeks! i'm a journalist and i'm going to write about this in the newspaper for the gazete

ernie4545 · 4 years ago

yes i am soooooo worried what are we going to do

yabadaber2 · 4 years ago

Leaving the EU will cause a major diseruption in childrens learning. It would mostly affect on their knowlege in money an many mora subjects.

yabadaber2 · 4 years ago


ZENCE40 · 4 years ago

When I heard about the decision that we made to leave the EU I was very worried. And, although I am not happy about this decision, Theresa may has ensured me that it will be safe.

RedWombat · 4 years ago

We don't know exactly how the other countries in Europe and the ? will react to us leaving. There are lots of good points about leaving the EU, but there are risks as well.

migspigs · 4 years ago


wren · 4 years ago

It's a difficult one. Our times are changing rapidly for the good and bad and this is all part of it. I am both worried and excited about what may lie around the corner....

nm2007 · 4 years ago

No.Its not going to kill us is it.

Newsryland · 4 years ago

why don't we just revote

unicorn21 · 4 years ago

I don't think we should leave the EU! There wasn't even a decent reason for having the referendum in the first place. We might not be able to go to Europe as easily and it will be harder for people to come to the uk.

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago


Catman · 4 years ago

Teresa May's stupid, and we are in a mess if only we were allowed to vote the world would be a better place.
Also we aren't going to get a good deal either.The adults have left a massive mess for us to sort out when we are older and know Teresa Mays called a election.We are completely doomed!!!

alexfoster · 4 years ago

we will survive

3v0charl · 4 years ago


tipp · 4 years ago

I am worried about the EU because it will depend on the people. And what if you do not like what they agree?

ponysunite · 4 years ago

i am not worried because even though i didn't want to leave the EU i know that it was for the best and maybe things will improve and we might love it. Also we should be thankful to have such an important decision in are lives and i am sure everything will be great!!!

poptyfan_ · 4 years ago

nope we are not doomed its just life and Plz dont sue any one :D #ducksquad

poptyfan_ · 4 years ago

nope wre not doomed guys its life and itll work out :D

poptyfan_ · 4 years ago

wre not doomed guys

schwab1 · 4 years ago

Or is it....

oshie1000 · 4 years ago

No not at all there are not enough jobs for people who already live hear they have made the right choice I my opinion.

Mog18 · 4 years ago

i voted no but i'm not sure!

pinkiepie1 · 4 years ago

brexit may destroy everything we do

girlywirly · 4 years ago

I am so not bothered ???? · 4 years ago

i know a girl who has a mum who is french and a dad who is American. The reason that they can stay here is because France is in a the EU. Her dad trades coffee in other countrys, the next time he leaves he may not be able to get back into England

flameemily · 4 years ago

I'm worried but we are not doomed! We can cope without the EU but it may be harder. This country has done it before, I would prefer if we had remained but I am sure either way will be fine. Theresa May has nothing to do with deciding whether we leave or not, she is just the person taking us through the process.

elliefn123 · 4 years ago

Yes because if my family and I wanted to go on holiday to France , we would have to pay a fortune !?

CATz01 · 4 years ago

No way am I worried. We have got loads of trade agreements.

sunglasses · 4 years ago

Seriously, we are all probably going to DIE ? because of stupid BRETIX! If we have a war then we are going to have to defend ourselves without help from the other countries in the EU. If only under 18's voted, we would be staying in the EU!!! I DO NOT like Teresa May. (she goes to the same hairdressers as me)?

pratham25 · 4 years ago

no, its fine:D

amynatalie · 4 years ago

The UK grew stronger and cleverer while we were in the EU and now the exchange rate has gone down, the freedom of travel between EU countries will be lessened and we just won't be as good.

tintin7 · 4 years ago

i dont know

gavriella · 4 years ago

I am worried about brexit because the EU will not be there to support the UK.

wiseowl49 · 4 years ago

YES! We were lied to!

wiseowl49 · 4 years ago

YES! It will ruin our future!

wiseowl49 · 4 years ago

I know lots of people regretting their decision to vote leave.


We are doomed!!!
??????? ?:'(

wiseowl49 · 4 years ago

I am more than worried!



amberspell · 4 years ago

I think Brexit is a really bad idea... I'm worried

kizzwizz · 3 years ago

How are there 270 votes for no!????????????