Are you excited or worried to go for days out again?


24th June 2020

THEME parks, museums and cinemas are working out how to reopen safely, as lockdown eases in England.

Once zoos started opening again, other days-out attractions began to prepare to open their doors, too. It’s esti mated they have been losing more than £1 billion a week in ticket sales and other money spent at the venues.

Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey told First News it was planning to reopen its theme park on 4 July, following a green light from the Government to do so. But, along with other days out, things will be a bit different for visitors. “Guests can expect to have their temperature checked on arrival, hand sanitiser being readily available, social distancing markers, plus empty rows and seats left on rollercoasters,” they told us.

Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach has decided that, on rides where people scream, visitors will be more comfortable if they are made to mask up.

Are you excited or worried to go for days out again?


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pigeonfan · 2 months ago

I’m worried because there’s still coronavirus around and we can still get it and /or spread it.

saxophone7 · 2 months ago

I think that it is good that businesses like zoos and theme parks are opening. However, I also think that they should be very careful about socially distancing, or it could cause a second wave of the virus. I do think that there has to be something to keep people entertained during lockdown but it has to be safe for the visitors and the staff. I won't be going to any theme parks or zoos for a while, but it is nice to think that once the infection rates go down more, I will be able to go there and have some fun!

opalstar · 2 months ago

Me too

pizza9910 · 2 months ago

I’m worried and excited at the same time because it’s good for people to go out and enjoy theme parks but if people are not being careful, then someone will catch it. And also, there should be more places to wash hands so we can be safe.

opalstar · 2 months ago

I am really worried because the coronavirus is still out there it does not mean it has gone people might go in cars more to places that means pollution and climate change will go up we need new laws we have to STOP this💔

bias · 2 months ago

Quite frankly, no one should be worried if they are under the age of 40, unless they have an underlying health condition. Especially in London. We need to get economic output rolling again. We had a -20.4% recession this quarter so we don’t want to prolong the decline. I am up for discussion and debate.

zebra10 · 2 months ago

I am excited because none of my family have any underlined health conditions but I know that lots of people are still worried and have to continue shielding.

budgerigar · 2 months ago

I am so excited because I have been very bored in lockdown and trust the businesses opening up again to put the correct measures in place.

peebi0412 · 2 months ago

Under the current government guidelines, I would NOT feel safe going to zoos and theme parks as you cannot guarantee that everyone will abide by social distancing rules and regulations.

kuhuzoo9 · 2 months ago

I am looking forward to this but it is I am kind of wary about the situation. I think that it is an OK start and we’re trying hard. We won’t have a completely normal experience and a lot of people won’t come or at least not at peak times.🤷🏻‍♀️

kuhuzoo9 · 2 months ago

COVID-19 is still around. Be careful‼️

marmoty100 · 1 month ago

I’m excited to go back to parks and stuff because it has been very long since I last went to any of those!

ameliau · 1 month ago

I am very excited to go to cinemas amd theartres. Also I am excited to go to theme parks.

smartmaths · 1 month ago

I think that if these places maintain social distancing and other appropriate hygiene rules, then places will probably be able to reopen safely and then visitors will be able to enjoy themselves. In addition, most of these sort of businesses are suffering since lockdown without visitors, so now that they can allow visitors, they will have a much better economy.

news54321 · 1 month ago

I think that we have naturally adapted to social distancing and it will be hard to go back to the old normal again.

footym · 1 month ago

I am really excited

binbag · 1 month ago

I am excited because it will bring back some normality to life.

agysens · 1 month ago

We should not exaggerate

musiclovr · 1 month ago

I'm excited because it will be fun but I do think it's a bit silly of the government to open them again because lots of us are already going to schools and I feel like I this carries on, quarantine for 10 weeks was kind of pointless.

lunagrang · 1 month ago

3rd to comment!!!!! (i said worried ima not going nowhere till this is overrrr pls reply if you agreee

larabass123 · 1 month ago

Although I am a little worried to go to zoos and theme parks, I am also quite excited because I haven’t visited these places in a long time and it would be really enjoyable.

marvelfan2 · 1 month ago

I m very excited for films like black widow, avatar 2 and Jurassic world: domination to come out and be able watch this in the cinema.

marvelfan2 · 1 month ago


lunagrang · 1 month ago

I said excited but I meant after lockdown imma go nowhere til this is actually over y’all

lunagrang · 1 month ago

musiclovr i agree with u don’t y’all agreee if u do than i agree ✌︎'ω'✌︎

katkid10 · 1 month ago

Pigeonfan, you can actually TOUCH the coronavirus but as long as you don't get in your mouth, ears, eyes or nose!

katkid10 · 1 month ago

I still don't think that theme parks should open because
1. It generates pollution because people like to drive there for a fun day out with all the family (or a fun day out with you).
2. In my opinion, there is nothing good about theme parks
Sorry for those people who love theme parks...

seadra567 · 1 month ago

i am pretty much dying - i only go for runs once per week!

pumpkin135 · 1 month ago

I am excited to go out for days out again as I have missed going to my favourite places which have been closed. I think everyone is naturally social distancing so I think it is safe to reopen.

pumpkin135 · 1 month ago

I would like to go but not if it's not safe

icestarz · 1 month ago

I am kind of worried because I don't want to catch coronavirus but I haven't been on a proper day out with my family in ages so I am more excited to have fun somewhere with them.

codonnell · 1 month ago

It wouldn't be the same. I'm going to France in August and I'm really nervous because of all the rules and it just won't be the same.

jedboi · 1 month ago


becca_bc · 1 month ago

It’s important for them to reopen for their business but they also need to be careful that they are following guidelines. Have fun!

becca_bc · 1 month ago

It’s important for them to reopen for their business but they also need to be careful that they are following guidelines.

candyv · 1 month ago

Reply to bias:
I don’t know if you understand that even if you won’t be affected by the coronavirus, you can still pass it on to vulnerable people.

ninjahorse · 1 month ago

im excited but nervous at the same time. I put excited because that's what i feel more, but i feel nervous because we can stll spread and get it

applepie8 · 4 weeks ago

I am excited but also I would like to see what measures are going to be put in place

puzzlepeas · 1 week ago

I'm really excited because I missed going out.

spagletti · 1 week ago

Children under the age of 12 do not have to socially distance anymore. Yes, they are probably safe, but they could spread it to other people in the at risk category. They should also wear masks- which can stop them spreading the virus to others if they have it.