After the pandemic, what should the UK do next?


3rd June 2020

IT’S no secret that the coronavirus has given us a good chance to look at society, and decide how we want to improve things.

But just what should we focus on? What’s the most important lesson we learn from lockdown?

Let us know in the box below, and we may feature your answer in First News.

Post pandemic poll

  • When this is all over, the UK has an opportunity to change a lot! What changes do you want to see in the UK?


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dingbat202 · 7 months ago

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i think we should stay in lockdown as long as possible until the country is losing too much money

opalstar · 7 months ago

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opalstar · 7 months ago

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lindawalla · 7 months ago


ava111 · 7 months ago

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kinsparke9 · 7 months ago

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I put climate justice, but we need to focus on far more than that. A just transition to a zero carbon world includes equality, equity, the phasing-out of capitalism (the system which got us into this mess in the first place), a significant increase in climate and nature-based education, and, importantly, the creation of new green jobs for workers in sectors such as the oil industry.

katkid10 · 7 months ago

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oceangirl · 7 months ago

It wouldn’t let me answer, it said please enter a valid number, but I put in my age.

mahooha123 · 7 months ago

I think homelessness is a big issue that needs to be addressed.

piggyo5 · 7 months ago

I think that the UK should either focus on the climate as pollution is really affecting the country and the world. Since lockdown, pollution rates went down a lot but I think that people aren’t going to keep the rates down. Although, I also think that the government should focus on things like crime in small cases and in national circumstances. Both issues have affected a lot of people which is why I think the government and the UK should work on it after lockdown.

jic007 · 7 months ago

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agentlord · 7 months ago

After lockdown, we should appreciate how lucky we are
to actually go to school and see our friends, I think that
schools should give 1 more week of holiday to go abroad
and finally, airlines should be giving extra flights so that
everyone has a chance to go on holiday. All in all, My point
is to try and have a normal summer holiday.
Happy Summer Holidays!

racros · 7 months ago

Probably climate change

fishgirl2 · 7 months ago

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5honypony · 7 months ago

Climate change I think is this biggest one. Black Lived Matter and homelessness is obviously a big problem, but first we have to make sure we can ALL live without getting sick from the air, and we need to protect other species. Anyway, hopefully Black Lives Matter will be resolved soon

biggestbro · 7 months ago

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pigeonfan · 7 months ago

I think the most important thing to do after the pandemic is to focus on the climate because even though we have to wear masks and gloves some of these go into our oceans and harm ocean life.

ragana · 7 months ago

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stargrl · 7 months ago

It wouldn't let me put in my proper age, so I said 12.

oceangirl · 7 months ago

We should thank everyone, from the frontline NHS workers to the people that were staying at home.

oceangirl · 7 months ago

We should also tackle climate change, because that is also a pandemic!

sarah.m · 7 months ago

the UK is in such a state. The only thing that with pull it together and fix the mess is if we get a good prime minister and I guess the best time for this to all happen is for when covid-19 is over

sarah.m · 7 months ago

I jsut want to add - why are there like 7 of the comment 'i am first to comment!' ?

cupcakesxo · 7 months ago


axel2009 · 7 months ago

Appreciate family and friends. Put down gadgets, rest from work and meet up. Getting together we can discuss things like the environment or how we can help our communities then act. Lockdown has made me realise what we take for granted and miss being outside.

binbag · 7 months ago

I think we should become more healthier and excersize more like we have been in lockdown

lunagrang · 7 months ago

Hi i think we should help the environment when this is over we’ll be travelling again which is not good for the climate T^T

lunagrang · 7 months ago

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lunagrang · 7 months ago

My username was supposed to be lunagranger after Harry Potter characters but it wouldn’t fit so I’m just lunagrang lol

fluffsloth · 7 months ago

I said climate change and racism should be tackled

aok · 7 months ago

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radnorgirl · 6 months ago

I care really strongly for the environment as well as local businesses so I hope that the government will try really hard to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and recover small shops. It can be done as we’ve seen it happen thanks to lockdown.

Please put my answer in first news as I would love for people to know my opinion...
I feel like I’m speaking for kids out there who feel the same.

radnorgirl · 6 months ago

I think they should tackle racism as well. People are finally seeing change and they do not want that to stop.🦾🦾

radnorgirl · 6 months ago

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ebao · 5 months ago

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