The Migrant Crisis

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A migrant is someone who leaves their country for a better life elsewhere.

Migrants can be looking for a job or a safer place to live.

Over a million migrants have already reached Europe in the last year, and they keep coming.

There are so many migrants at the moment because there are a lot of wars.

Most migrants are fleeing terrible conditions in Syria, Afghanistan and countries in Africa.

Many have to make dangerous journeys to reach Europe.

It’s the biggest movement of people since World War Two, more than 70 years ago.

Many migrants are arriving every day in Italy, Greece and Turkey, hoping to settle somewhere in Europe.

Some countries say they’ve not enough room or money to look after migrant families.

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mia654 · 7 years ago

My big brother works with refugees so I'm really interested!!!

olivw · 7 years ago

thanks first news you are doing my home work for me- so shocking what is happening in our world