Alone In The Jungle

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An orphaned teenage migrant, desperate to reach his uncle in Britain, shows First News Live! round the migrant camp in Calais that has been his home for a year. Now it is threatened with demolition…

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oddiegigi · 7 years ago

no one deserves to live there it is not hygenic

sarawalter · 7 years ago

Where is Samia now ? The camp is bulldozed? While i feel for refugees - why do they head for the UK -we cant cope - they must know how difficult it is to get to the UK.

natella · 7 years ago

It must be so dangerous in that camp but even more to try and escape.

mathsisfun · 7 years ago

That is so sad :,( :( :<(

migspigs · 7 years ago


themanspan · 7 years ago

I try not to think of refugees because it makes me feel really sad, so I think about the bright side...
Countries are helping them and providing food for some.