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Who is Donald Trump, the new US president – and what does he stand for?

Donald Trump is a rich businessman.

He’s the star of the American Apprentice TV show.

At 70 he will become America’s oldest ever president.

Why are people worried that he will be the new president?

Trump is tough on immigration.  He wants to build a wall on America’s border with Mexico.  He wants to ban Muslims entering America.  He thinks that will stop terrorism. He supports gun ownership.  He doesn’t believe in climate change.

He has been criticized for the things he has said about women, other races and countries.

But what do some people think is good about Trump?

America has alot of unemployment.  He promises more jobs and industry.  He wants to be tougher on terrorism.  He wants to be friends with Russia and Russia’s president likes him.

Will Trump gets everything he wants?

He needs the support of other politicians to make his ideas happen.  The two main parties are Republicans and Democrats.   Donald Trump is a Republican.  There are more elected Republicans than Democrats.   But many republicans do not like Donald Trump’s ideas and they can vote against him if they don’t like his plans.

Trump says he wants to make America great again.  He has four years to convince America  it made the right choice.

How did Donald Trump get elected?  Read more about the US Election System here.

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mayster · 7 years ago

Why would anyone vote for Donald dump

hello123 · 7 years ago

He is the worst president ever

hello123 · 7 years ago

what is this world coming to?

awsomepika · 7 years ago

who would want to vote for Donald duck

d-man42 · 7 years ago

Someone did some research and found out that his family changed their last name to Trump it was Drumpf

hello123 · 7 years ago

The Donald, but one major portion of the segment covered Trump's familial name and how it changed upon entering the U.S. from Drumpf to Trump.


duggee · 7 years ago

I absolutely HATE Donald Trump.

sarawalter · 7 years ago

at least America only has to put up with Trump for 4 years until the election - we have to put up with Brexit forever

nergit · 7 years ago

I'm totally not into this! I'm worried about the USA's future ??

lizzlebug8 · 7 years ago


sisterocks · 7 years ago

Us British need to give trump a chance. Hes offended me and lots of other people but we need to give him a chance. Everyone makes mistakes.

By the way, I don't support Trump. ❌

sisterocks · 7 years ago

Also, He's better than Clinton

banjoblaze · 7 years ago

sisterocks- I would agree with you about giving him a chance (people aren't completely bad, not even Trump) but it's just too risky. Others clearly think so, too, as there have already been several attempts of assassination.

I'm NOT a Trump supporter. It would be interesting to see if first news has anyone who is, though.

ninjahari · 7 years ago

Why is he so like this???:(

izzy64 · 7 years ago

I am not a big fan of the tormenting Donald Trump. I know a lot about politics and can't stop talking about them! That video was very informative ?

izzy64 · 7 years ago

I posted that too much!
Also, this "what is good about Trump" is silly. Nothing is good about him!

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

I think the future of the USA is going to be a very tough one. America is AWESOME but with Trump around.... I am not so sure....

kawaii101 · 7 years ago

Plus I agree with sisterocks

username88 · 7 years ago


Give him a chance. . .

He's only just started.

stardust12 · 7 years ago

Hillary Clinton would've been better or just for Obama to stay

I think I saw that Trump doesn't care about climate change and he is relatively good friends with Theresa May.

The only thing I can remember that was good about him is that he really wants to stop terrorism

Trump= :(

maryam05 · 6 years ago

What is happening!?! Is the world this crazy!?!