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Prime Minister Theresa May has given the green light to start Britain’s exit from the EU. The House of Commons and House of Lords had their say on Monday night. Now Brexit will begin as Theresa May has triggered Article 50. But, what is Article 50 and what happens next…? Find out by watching I Don’t Get It: Brexit above.

What does Brexit mean?

Brexit is a short way of saying Britain is leaving the EU. It’s ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’ mixed together.

Why is Britain leaving the EU?

A referendum was held last year; a vote by the British people on whether Britain should remain in the EU or leave. Most voted for the UK to leave.

What is the European Union (or EU)? 

It’s kind of a club of 28 European countries. Each country pays to be a member. They work in trade together and allow free movement of people like one big country.

What is Article 50? 

Article 50 is a plan that allows every member country to leave the EU – all they have to do is activate it.

So when will Britain leave? 

The UK and the EU have two years from the moment Article 50 is triggered to agree on how we will split from each other.

Will EU citizens living in the UK have to leave? 

The British government says a deal will need to work both ways. If EU citizens can stay here, then British citizens must be allowed to stay in other European countries, too.

Last year, more than 7,000 First News readers took part in our Junior EU Referendum. Around seven out of ten of you voted to remain in the EU. When adults voted the other way – to leave the EU – we thought it was important that you got to tell the Government what you think. Right now, the Prime Minister’s team are negotiating the deal for Britain to leave the EU. Meanwhile, you have been helping to write the Children’s Charter for Brexit. Over the summer, four First News readers presented the Children’s Charter for Brexit at 10 Downing Street, so the Prime Minister knows what matters to you during discussions. You can read all the reader comments that were sent to the Prime Minister below:

I think more teenagers should get a vote because they will be living in this world longer than some senior citizens.

It’s scary.


Employment law stay the same. Help people with no education. Scrap Brexit!!!!!

Brexit is good.

I’m not sure, but I want to be able to travel when I am older.

Allow us to have free movement between countries.

Brexit should not have been the option.

I feel that younger people should have had the option to vote as it will affect us the most.

I don’t think we should leave the EU.

I think it is bad that we are going to leave the EU because it is making us a less friendly country. My best friend may leave to France because of Brexit. I think that people won’t listen to children but it is us that have to live with it.

How can we still be friends with the EU? Will the EU help the UK in terrorism?

I worry about if we aren’t part of the EU then we will be a weaker country and therefore be targeted by terrorists more.

I think that our country should have a relationship with the EU like Switzerland so we can still follow some of its rules.

We feel that Brexit wasn’t a good idea because when we were in the EU we were safer and more united as a country and a continent.

I personally think Brexit is a good idea. I just want people to stop fussing and trust each other about it.

I would say Brexit is a good idea because I would really like us to be just Britain without the restrictions of being in the EU with EU laws. Whilst I agree the EU has some benefits it also has its disadvantages.

We need to make sure that our relationship with the EU, especially France and Germany, doesn’t change and get the best deal possible for the UK. I’ll be looking to the PM to do that these coming months.

I believe that the British government should still fund farmers when we leave EU because if we don’t fund the farmers they will not produce crops, milk and meat!

It matters to me because if we don’t keep ties with the EU there could be a war. Do you really want a war?! Also do we really want a big cloud of pollution above Britain?!

I think it’s good that we’re leaving the EU because since being in it made illegal immigrants easier to come here, which ironically led to more terrorist attacks.

By leaving the EU the UK will become poorer and that means more people living in the streets.

It is appalling that we are leaving the EU; we held a referendum at our school and the result was 98% remain. I think this view is shared for most young people.

Make sure that Wales still gets enough funding to be able to keep the poorest communities, and public buildings such as schools, in a good condition.

Please make sure that schools get more money.

It is very important that it won’t be any harder for UK citizens to go on holiday etc.

I think that Brexit was a referendum for the old.

Brexit is a big thing in the UK. My biggest fear about leaving the EU is terrorism. Terrorism scares me. I always warn people, if they are going to a city, about terrorists. We need to keep ties with the EU on security as we need information about terrorist suspects and criminals. If we lose these ties, I and other children across the country will be more scared than they already are about terrorism.

If we had another referendum the result will probably be remain, as the way things are going so far isn’t very organised. Also developing countries need lots of support from the EU, especially Britain, and I want it to stay at the standard it is today and for it not to fall.

We might get wars because people want us to stay. It will ruin our good relationships with the other EU countries.

Our influence in the world, how that will be affected. Being a European – are we now just British?

I think Brexit was a very bad idea and now if we did the referendum again the result would be the opposite.

Children deserve the chance to go to other countries willingly and freely to meet nicer people. I believe we should stay in the EU.

I’m worried that when we want to join the EU again they won’t let us join again.

I do not think we should leave the EU at all, I think we should stay a part of it especially as it is reforming anyway.

We should never have had a referendum in the first place.

Kids should also have a say in Brexit because it still affects them as well. Jeremy Corbyn is right about his views, the opposite of Theresa May.

I personally don’t want to exit the EU.

Every kid in the country is worrying about Brexit. Why? Brexit makes sure we can actually start trading with other countries in the world. It gives us more sovereignty. It will reduce the amount of immigration. Sure, we will be worse off in the short term, but in the long term, we will be more prosperous outside the EU. Also, everybody who voted leave wants to leave the EU, the single market and the customs union. Remoaners are trying to cheat the democratic system and get their way of Brexit. Kids are saying how the EU are saving us and how great it is. It is not great. They don’t even like the UK. I like Theresa May and how she is handling Brexit. I don’t get why kids like Jeremy Corbyn! If he becomes Prime Minister, then he will be bullied by the EU bureaucrats who hate the UK. Let’s make Brexit the way we voted for!

Make the people have another vote to see if they still want to leave.

All of the above talk about how great the EU is when it isn’t. Let’s leave the EU, customs union and the single market.

I think Brexit is unbelievable and there should be another vote because of the lies.

I think that Britain will do well out of the EU, but we just need more proof to know that.

Brexit is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of and I can’t believe that Theresa May has triggered article 50.

I would like a second referendum after we know what is going to happen if we leave.

I would like to stay in the EU.

The kids, or at least nine and over, should have been allowed to vote as it will impact us more than adults.

According to statistics, if the votes of those aged 18-25 matched that of those aged over 65, the turnout would mean that there would have been no Brexit. So, is this really right for the young generation of our country; the older generations deciding our future? According to the legislation regarding Brexit, it means that our generation will have higher tuition fees, meaning more young adults will be deterred from going to university and 78% of those aged 18-24 stated that they supported remain. Is it right that we have to live in a world where the future is already mapped out???

I don’t think Brexit has to even be spoken about in the first place, because we don’t need to separate our EU countries.

My mum has a French passport. I don’t know if she will be able to stay in Britain or not.

This affects Britain greatly, this is a serious matter and it means that young people going abroad to work in the EU, they will have a very hard time finding a job because of our referendum.

Ensure less oil is used near seas and rivers and there will be a ban of doing any damage to any endangered species of animals and plants.

I agree with Brexit as we are more independent.

It is not fair that because we have left the EU that we still have to pay money even though we left.

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are idiots.

I think Britain should not leave the EU but I am outvoted.

We need to be safe!

I am worried that leaving the EU will make it harder for me to have a job that suits me when I’m older.

Strengthen security but don’t stop people from living a better life in the UK. PS don’t be cruel to animals.

It’s not fair to withhold information regarding security if it might cost lives.

I think that it’s best for people to be with their family, stay together and live their lives like everyone else.

I would rather have stayed in the EU, because when I grow up I want to have a good job and still live in England among lots of wildlife.

If we stay in the EU we have more chance of survival if war breaks out, as the other countries in the EU can help us.

I think that Scotland and Northern Ireland should stay with the rest of Britain because when we are leaving if they stay then we will not have so much support and then they will find it hard to stay because we will not be there to help them if something goes wrong for them.

Control the borders. This does not mean stop immigration but know who is coming in and only let in skilled workers.

Ensure that the children of the United Kingdom get a say, not just via this – perhaps through schools? After all, it’s our future, not the adults’. We need great deals, not good ones.

Children should be able to vote.

Brexit is foolish. We are missing out on many opportunities.

Brexit is a very complicated situation and as a student it may stop teachers applying and coming over to teach here in the UK.

We don’t know what Brexit will bring us. It’s a worrying subject, with multiple endings possible.

I want to say that when we leave, Britain will be in a bigger mess. We joined to work with other countries and trade but now we ruined it!

Ensure there are opportunities for trade deals with other European countries.

I care about how Britain will deal with Brexit because it’s a hard job to do. The (newly elected) Prime Minister has to think about everybody while also thinking about how much time we have to deal with Brexit. If we still go through with Brexit, we should handle it safely and securely. Britain should work together with the European Union to make Brexit is what we want it to be.

The British people deserve to vote on whether they want a hard or soft Brexit.


We should not stick to European rules; they are dictatorship.

I think leaving the EU was a big mistake as some allied countries may no longer be allied with us since we left the EU.

The pound will drop and we might have another crash. Trading might reduce between us and other countries.

In an old issue of First News we saw that the children of the UK wanted to stay in the EU. I think that the public should have heard our opinions and carried them out – after all, it’s our future. I also think that in elections and the like, children should have a bigger influence. People may say that we don’t know enough or that we only think what our parents think, but you may be surprised.

It’s so important that we stay close to all the other European countries, so that we are not on our own if there was to be a war (or another serious global issue.)

I would like it if we could still have freedom of movement. I don’t agree with Brexit.

I don’t like the fact that the children of Britain were not given a say, as 7 in 10 children wanted to stay in the EU and it is our future (rant over).

I think that the UK should be remaining in the EU because we will be stronger together and weaker separated.

I think we should stay in the EU.

I think we should create good deals with other countries so they give us a fair price but we must also give them a good price for what they want. I think Scotland should have their own choices on what they want to do after all more than half of them wanted to stay. I didn’t want to leave and I think we should really make the most of our rules and use it to our advantage that we don’t have to follow rules we don’t like.

It matters because why did Britain leave? Is there any reason at all? I mean, this is going to change history for NO REASON!

I think we should have another Brexit referendum but this time let the younger generation vote as well because it will be us who are affected by Brexit when we are older.

I hope that we keep a very good relationship with the EU so we can always call for help if anything happens and they can do the same.

I think Britain is taking a big risk leaving the EU because trading deals and economy could go down in the next ten years.

I didn’t support Brexit before and I don’t like it now it’s beginning to happen.

Go Tories, go! Hooray for Brexit!

People didn’t know what they were voting for in the referendum. There should be a second referendum.

I am worried that things will cost more in other countries and that will overall make the UK
a poorer country.

We need to stay a united country and keep the number of EU citizens coming in the same. There is nothing different now – we are just not part of a huge union.

Brexit should not have started.

Don’t leave the EU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only sensible reason for people to want to leave the EU is to have change. But what change do they want? Do they want the bad change that Brexit will bring?

I don’t like Brexit because holibobs will be more expensive, including money to be used abroad.

I’m worried that the pound’s value will drop, taxes will increase due to no funding from the EU and all dance/drama/music fees will increase due to the drop of funding from the creative arts council, which gets its money from the EU.

There is a moderate possibility that Brexit could turn out quite badly in terms of money (cost of things), wildlife, jobs, travel and much more.

I think that an independent Scotland is an EXTREMELY bad idea!

STAY!!!!!!!!!! The whole of my family wants to stay. My mum’s a nurse and works for the NHS and feels that we need to stay to get better funds for all the hospitals, and my dad works for the ESA and the whole of science will be cut back if we leave. And that’s why I want to STAY!!!

I think Brexit is important because millions of EU citizens are coming to the UK and because of this houses are getting more expensive and there are too many people. I think they should ban immigration.

I feel sad that I won’t get to study in a different country.

I want to stay in the EU!

It is important for me that we in the UK remain open to different cultures.

I think Brexit was unnecessary and the UK kicked up a fuss for no reason!

If we leave the EU then we might be a bit poorer but we definitely won’t be significantly poorer because other people will have to pay more for our things.

I think Brexit is a good change as we will experience different changes but also we need to remember that WE voted Brexit!

I think Brexit was just a wrong decision and shouldn’t have even happened.

I think it is good that we are leaving the EU because now we can control how many people come to Britain to work.

I think leaving the EU will make the UK a safer and stronger place.

I think we should stay in the EU because the pound would be a stronger currency. This would make goods cheaper to buy on holiday.

Leaving the EU matters to me because nothing’s going to be the same.

As a person from England, I would like to travel all over Europe without any hassle.

The British pound is weak so prices are higher in shops.

If UK stays in the EU we would be much more safe and strong. People can travel in the EU to see their family.

I think that Brexit should have more electrical cars for a cleaner environment.

Because my mum is from Spain our family doesn’t know what will happen. If she will have to leave the UK or if she stays.

Britain shouldn’t have left the EU because they’re not going to get supplies from other countries.

Just to make sure that Britain is treated as an equal with the other countries! Because even though we want control of our own country we are still in Europe.

The main motivator behind Brexit vote is anti-immigration sentiment. I’m disappointed about this.

We should introduce tough policy of immigration for EU citizens a kind of point based system to avoid criminals and should remain EU.

We need more security.

There are a lot of EU teachers in most of the schools. They will have to go back to the EU because of Brexit. As a result, there is a shortage of teachers consequently the children would get less education.

What I also want to say is that Britain should make education less stressful for children.

Men and women should have equal rights!

I think you should make more room for immigration and make black history month more acceptable so people/children can know the past of black history month.

Leaving the EU matters to me because children as well should be able to vote because us children might grow up in the UK and regret that we left the EU.

We need to remember to value and respect each other; we should develop a community that is wider than our local neighbourhood.

I would have voted against Brexit if I had a vote, and I believe that young people should have had some say in Brexit as it will affect our futures much more than adults will be affected. The jobs that we can have and the universities that we can go to will be affected. The EU has worked well for Britain for a long time, so why does that need to change now?

It’s sad that nobody asked young people what they thought about Brexit when the full impact of it will be felt most acutely by us.

I think we should have the same rights as we do in the EU as out.

It matters to me because I wanted to remain in the UK.

I hope that Brexit doesn’t influence terrorism or war and that the UK stays good friends with other European countries.

I’m wishing to move country when I’m older but now it’s very difficult and I may not be able to leave.

If the freedom of movement is not kept the UK will be able to take far less people from the EU countries to work here.

I think we have more influence as part of the EU over world politics.

I don’t think we should leave.

Brexit was a stupid idea because when we are older it will be harder to find a job in other countries.

I think Brexit is a very bad idea and that the UK should stay in the EU. This is creating a divided country when we should be coming together to help fight bad things like climate change.

I think we shouldn’t leave the EU because taxes will go up, and make it harder for families, young people, etc.

I’m unhappy with our decision to leave the EU.

I didn’t want to leave the EU.

We need to stay in the EU because prices will go up if we leave and push more people into poverty.

I would hate for people from EU countries to leave then our country would lose all it culture.

I think we should make sure all people regardless of whether they come from the EU, UK or other countries, are allowed to take refuge here in the UK, and receive equal rights to education, work, living standards and health care.

The border between N Ireland and Ireland is a big thing for me because I live in Northern Ireland.

Reduce voting age to 16!

I think that children should get the same usual education and letting any students travel to any other country in the UK.

I think that there should be another referendum on the Brexit deal and the terms should be clearly communicated to the public so they know what they’re voting for. I don’t think they were given enough information in the first referendum, and voted blindly.

We don’t agree with Brexit. I think children should have a say in it because it may affect them more. We do not agree that they get rid of our environment laws.

I think that, although we may be leaving, the EU is important that we all have our rights and that we stay friends with other European countries.

Brexit is happening and no one can stop it so we need to make it as fair and easy for the majority of our country.

I don’t want to leave the EU!

Please help the refugees no to be affected by Brexit. If anything – let more in! Parliament just needs to be kind!

I think the government need to listen to and consider the opinions of British children as it will affect our futures. I believe they should bear British children in mind when negotiations begin.

I think that head teachers should make a variety of language feature lessons to teach children’s culture rights of languages.

If Britain can’t be in the EU, can it still be good friends with the EU?

It’s sad to think that maybe soon we won’t be able to travel freely, live or work/study in the EU.

If we leave, a lot of doctors will leave, then we will suffer, because very few doctors will be in England.

I don’t want any of my family to have to move to a different country.

I think that Brexit is a good opportunity for people to say their opinion.

Kids should vote, it affects their future.

I strongly believe that the UK will suffer a lot if it leaves the EU! The UK may become a smaller country if Scotland decide to become an independent country.

The EU are charging England £60,000,000,000! I would like to protect the UK financial services sector so that banks can still work. We want to stay friends with the EU!

My parents work in banking and accounting and they do lots of work with European countries.

Lots of jobs in banking and finance could move from London to Paris or Frankfurt which means that people may lose their jobs or will have to move.

Science is high on my list as I think it is important to share information on new medicines and research into curing disease.

My dad is British, my mum is Spanish, I AM EUROPEAN! The EU have kept peace in Europe for the last 70 years! Is this not important?

I think England should have the EU so that we have less cars so we don’t affect the ice caps because of global warming.

I think that people don’t care enough about pollution, wildlife and litter so we need to ensure that EU environment laws are copied into British law.

EU rights say children shouldn’t be smacked or given harsh punishment.

If we leave the EU we will have to pay more money.

I don’t want all of our greenery to be lost and replaced with housing, so we need to protect more green land in our area.

If we leave the EU then we would have to pay more money than we already do.

It is now harder for people in Britain to travel to other countries for holidays or for work now that we have left the EU.

I have done security and defence as No1 because I mostly get nightmares about having a terrorist attack outside my house.

I think we should remain in the EU so we can help refugee camps escape from Syria.

The pound has dropped significantly in value, meaning when people from the UK go on holiday, they’ll get less of the foreign currency. Meaning they can buy less stuff than they used to.

A time ago we were not in the EU and we managed OK so I think we will be OK again and we can make up our own laws and rules.

Could children have a separate vote for Brexit because it’s our future?

Some more security in shops and local places where people go so they can stay safe.

Teachers from the EU should be able to continue to teach children. This is beneficial for the children in gaining valuable educational and cultural experiences.

If all countries were together in a union there may be less chance of war.

I don’t want to leave the EU because it will be chaotic. I hope that Theresa May will handle the problems ahead.

I am not in favour of Brexit. I want to be a part of the European Union.

I’m worried that our defence will become weaker as we don’t have other countries supporting us against terrorists.

I’m a ten-year-old and I wouldn’t have sent the country to vote with no plan of the outcome.

I think we should have voted to remain in the EU because we were one of the original countries in the EU and there is less likely to be a war if we are together. If there is war I believe we will be stronger as part of the EU.

Brexit is silly because people might not be able to travel or trade easily. I love Europe, it’s my favourite continent, because I love the countries and history in it, and I have friends who come from countries in Europe.

Brexit should not happen.

I want to stay in Europe – I don’t want Brexit!

We should leave.

Yes, as America and other countries said that if we leave they will trade with us last.

What are we going to change? What do we get out of Brexit that cannot be cancelled out by something we have given up and have to negotiate over?

Brexit was unnecessary and the UK should still be in the EU.

I think that we need to stay in the single market, it is bonkers not to.

I think it was a bad move because everyone was surprised at the outcome as people voted “against the establishment” and thought that their vote didn’t count. So I think that more dumb people are voting than intelligent people, for they are voting for something they don’t want. Like, come on Britain.

Refugees. Take in lots of refugees and give them proper homes.

I want to be able when I’m older to be able to travel with my family to loads of different places and countries. If we don’t make sure the prices don’t go up, it will be too expensive for me to go.

I want my family, friends and all other immigrants to be able to stay with free movement and also I feel people should be able to apply for an EU membership.

I think it’s a bad idea and I’m worried about the effect it will have on our relationship with other countries in the EU.

My parents work for the yachting industry and we do a lot of travelling with the yacht, therefore we would be running at a loss if we were not allowed to put into certain EU ports because of security regulations.

I think that we should try and stay in the single market.

I think that Brexit is not a very good choice for Britain to make. Britain might come across economic crisis if not in the European Union (EU), as I do not think the EU would help us because we would already be out of the single market and the EU partnership.

I was very surprised about the result. I did not want us to leave the EU.

V bad idea.

Curbing immigration, and Britain’s national identity should be preserved at all costs.

I am worried about people not being allowed to live in this country even though they have settled in here.

Although I couldn’t vote,I still felt relieved that something would be done to ensure the UK’s relationship with the EU remains.

I am scared about Brexit and what will happen to children in the UK who have come from other countries. I have a friend from Nigeria I’m worried about what will happen to her and her family.

I think that our friendship needs to stay the same and all the people in the EU won’t be annoyed by Brexit. Also, trade deals need to stay the same because if they change, we might have a lot more problems to deal with rather than all the reasons why we voted for Brexit. Finally, when the children of the UK are adults and the current adults admit that maybe we shouldn’t have left the EU, we can say “Well, it’s only our future you’ve destroyed.”

I don’t agree with Brexit and I think that we should have stayed in the EU.

Issue of trade I think is very important so that companies can trade freely not only in Europe but in the rest of the world

I just think that many people from the UK are homeless, Why should we let people from the EU to come and buy a house. Let’s home our people before we let others live here.

We need to stay at the forefront of medical and scientific breakthroughs.

I think that we should definitely stay in the EU because the UK is such a small island and without the EU support other larger countries will be able to hack us, since we’ll be a lot more vulnerable.

I would like my voice to be heard that I was opposed to leaving the EU. I believe Britain gained much more from it than we lost, such as vital environmental laws and crucial scientific research funding. I now feel that the future that my generation wanted, of communication and togetherness, has been taken away from us by an older generation. And so history repeats itself time and time again.

I hope that Brexit does not restrict the amount of foreigners that are allowed to come into the UK because they are what Britain is built on.

I think that Theresa May should enter Brexit negotiations with the intention of keeping the best possible relationship with the EU as possible. I strongly believe that anyone living in Europe from the UK and vice versa should be allowed to remain in that country.

Stay in!!

I disagree with the UK’s decision to leave the EU, but I don’t believe we should be complaining about it; it was a fair vote, despite people’s complaints, as every British citizen had the choice to vote. Yes, the majority of voters were older, but if more younger people had voted, perhaps the result would have been more pleasing? In fact, I don’t believe the referendum could’ve been fairer.

I really didn’t want to leave the EU but now that we are I hope we can make the best of it. We need to make sure that leaving has not made our chances of staying a safe country impossible.

I don’t think we should’ve left as we are taking a massive risk which I don’t think is worthwhile.


I am not happy that Britain is out of the European Union. If I could vote I would have voted to stay in the EU.

I am worried that people who work in the emergency services will have to leave the UK if they weren’t originally from England if Brexit happens.

We should be able to go to other EU countries without a visa.

Brexit is STUPID.

The things that matter to me is our country being separated from the EU. It is like the UK going into space with the countries that are not in the EU and leaving the EU behind.

I wish UK to stay but if we have to leave EU then it should be done nicely and respectfully and with good deals.

I want to make sure that even though we are not in Europe anymore, refugees should still view us as a safe place to seek shelter.

I believe very strongly that refugees should be allowed to come and live in the UK whether we are part of the EU or not and they should be given a permanent place to live.

I think we need to keep the single market and look after the environment because we need Britain to be famous for a good thing like saving trees!

I don’t believe we should still be paying money to the EU now we have triggered Article 50. The triggering of this article should mean the end of paying money to the European Union, as they
are now trying to keep us part of the European Union as long as they can to keep getting money from us.

I want Britain to stay united after we leave the EU.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

I want to be able to know what Brexit means for me, how the UK is going to be when I grow up and am allowed to vote. There is a lot of talk about what the new laws and customs will be and I don’t know what the scene will be like in 10, 20 years and I want to feel secure in my future.

I think children should have been allowed to have a say, after all it is OUR future that our parents and grandparents are rolling the dice over.

Why should we leave? It will just be expensive for the country with money we don’t have!

NO BREXIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am half French which means that Brexit will have a big impact on when I visit my family in France. Also, we should be working together not separating ourselves.

It matters to me because if the EU parts there will not be enough money for schools and hospitals and people who have jobs will not earn as much money.

Now and after Brexit we need: more money for hospitals and schools along with more money for school furniture and environment.

If we leave the EU our pound will drop, and when we go to exchange money our rates would be lower, as well as there wouldn’t be much imports of foods and goods from EU countries.

I feel a little worried about Brexit and how it will affect my future life, like education and accessibility to food. I don’t think that children’s views have been considered enough (even though I respect that we’re not allowed to vote), and that we haven’t been given enough information about Brexit. Adults have made lots of ‘important’ decisions about strong or leaving the EU, but they don’t realise it’s OUR (children’s) future that it’s going to affect.

I’m scared as an EU citizen living in England I will have to move back to my country. What is going to happen?

I would like Britain to make sure that the environment and British farmland are not affected by our decision to leave the European Union. Many plants and animals are being destroyed by us. They can’t do anything about it, but we can. Please, Theresa May, save our environment.

Clean air, keep the UK alive, good education, good trades and be safe. That’s all I ask for.

I just want peace with the rest of Europe and to keep good EU laws about nature. Oh and a good fund for science and education.

Avoid WW3.

The politicians lied. Children are always told lying is bad but the leaders of our country seem dishonest.

Brexit is unclear. It means that the future of our lives is foggy.

I won’t be able to go to university in Germany and experience that country without my family.

I don’t think that we should stop people traveling to other EU countries.

My mother is from Germany, has been in the UK since 2001 but is unable to get a resident card. The rules are stupid. If my dad was not British or if she wasn’t European, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

It will cost more for research on planets.

I just hope that racism against EU immigrants will end as Brexit occurs, but I don’t see that happening.

We voted for Brexit and therefore should not fight it, but support it. People from other countries should be allowed to stay in the UK. We must keep ties with EU and not completely sever them.

Brexit should not happen because politicians used lies and hate towards other people to win the referendum, and because Brexit will only make things harder for young people.

It really annoys me how this might mean I cannot go and live in another country without paying unreasonable amounts of money. I think people should have the right to travel where they would like to. It looks although we might be confined in our country. People from Europe should be allowed to travel to Britain without extra fees. Certain family and friends might live in a different country in the EU this makes things very hard for people who want to go and see them often, if the cost is too high. Also we shouldn’t forget about the environment! Every country in the EU should have laws that relate back to looking after our world!

I passionately believe this was the wrong decision. And I would love not to have the EU. But, realistically, this is not going happen. So, I think that the country should unite under Theresa May to make the Brexit deal work for everyone. However, I do feel that the Leave camp need to stop calling those who feel that this was a bad decision and do speak out and say this the “Remoaners”. This is totally unfair given they would undoubtedly moan if we hadn’t voted to leave. Can’t we just all stop with the pointless arguing?

It will be much harder to go to Greece which is where all my family lives. Also it will be harder to buy more things from other countries or to trade.

We are such a small country in terms of land mass and that may let us down sometimes. Despite being independent in many areas, it is good to have the EU’s shoulder to lean on in times of struggle. Brexit is more the kids’ future than anyone else’s and we’re the UK’s future – we may be kids but we are frequently underestimated and do have strong opinions and wise views – so please take our views into account and GIVE US A VOICE. Personally, and I doubt I’m speaking only for myself when I say that they should give the kids an official election so we can show the country what we really think. GIVE US A VOICE. NOW.

I think Brexit will help Britain to make its own decisions and have “control” over itself.

Anyone who voted for Brexit is stupid and/or has not actually considered what the consequences would be. End of.

I think the European Health Insurance Card should still be valid even once we leave the EU like Switzerland. Free movement across European borders as well as border security in other countries (e.g. France).

I still want to be able to travel/work/live in other countries in the future. I also want to get the best deal out of leaving the EU as we can, so that I as the next generation grow up to live in the best world we can create.

We need to stick together in this time to find a good deal for the UK and the EU and make it better for both of us.

I need to make sure that whoever is running our country knows that the adults of the country aren’t the people who will feel the effects of Brexit. We will. So please consider what world you would like us living in.

If you have proof of living in the UK and want to live, work or study in other countries you should be able to do that easily however people who don’t live here should not be able to come in easily because they might be terrorists.

I don’t think that Britain should have voted leave because this leaves us vulnerable to many things like food, the future of children and where they work and whether people can travel in and out of this country. In WW2, we had the EU to back us up against Germany but now, if we have another war, we might not have anyone to back us up this time.

There are lots of children who are unhappy about leaving the EU with particular regard to the impact on education.

Staying in the European single market so that trade is easy between the UK and EU countries. Also, I would like the UK to still help the EU in times of crisis.

I think the vote turned the wrong way. Leaving the EU is bad having effects on us. Prices are going up on food, and the fact that it might stop children from studying in other countries is not good.

By leaving the EU we will be losing many Human Rights laws, this is what really matters to me the most. Brexit had so many lies, negative press and racism, let no election be like that again. Oh wait, that’s every election now! The Scots should have another Referendum on Independence now. 100%.

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plopping · 7 years ago

I don't get why people thought that nobody would vote leave so they voted and didn't agree with the result.

thefnreadr · 7 years ago

Plopping, lots of people wanted to leave the EU originally.

fox64 · 6 years ago


forfelix9 · 6 years ago

I really hate brexit and want Teresa May to stop it from happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackspicha · 6 years ago

Who's called plopping?

popchip4 · 6 years ago

FOX 64, agreeded

popchip4 · 6 years ago

soz meant agreed

izzy64 · 6 years ago

Down with conservative government- vote Labour!

marmite300 · 6 years ago

REMAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zeushades8 · 6 years ago


izzy_xxxxx · 6 years ago

The thing about brexit is that people r using it as an excuse 2 b openly racist 2 people and that should NOT b allowed but people think not is ok to harass people om the street and on social media 4 being a bit different. We all came from somewhere!

wiseowl49 · 6 years ago

They did not include British people living abroad or Europeans living here - even if they've been here for over 30 years and even if they're married to someone who's British. IN SUMMARY: lots of people who would have voted remain didn't get to even though that that is clearly unfair.
In conclusion, it is obvious that we should have a second referendum however I don't seeing the conservatives letting that happen.

Leaving the EU will make us a poorer country not a stronger one, in fact LEAVING THE EU IS A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!


wiseowl49 · 6 years ago


jelibean · 6 years ago

I want to be able to vote!I would say NO BREXIT.

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago

WHAT IS THE POINT OF LEAVING THE EU??????????????????????????
I mean, WHY was it the older generations deciding OUR FUTURE? We're the ones who'll be affected worst by this stupid Brexit thing, so why don't OUR opinions get considered? I mean, could things get any more AGEIST?????? Hey, Parliament, THINK ABOUT IT. SRSLY. #VoteRemain #HaveFaithInTheYoung #UNFAIR!!!!!!!

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago

And I thought Donald Trump was a loony!

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago


astro_girl · 6 years ago

Brexit is unreasonable

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago


spark60 · 6 years ago

This is so unfair. This is our future so why are the older generation deciding that? I think we should just scrap Brexit and be as we were, because we were a pretty good country until Brexit came along, don't you agree?

#voteRemain #HaveFaithInTheYoung #ScrapBrexit

spark60 · 6 years ago

I totally agree.

mollyboo8 · 6 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never want to leave the E U!

plopping · 6 years ago


gameknight · 6 years ago

Well it's started now (WHY? i dunno) so what's gonna happen now? hmm....................................... but yes BREXIT SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN THOUGHT ABOUT oh well as i said IT HAS STARTED 0_0. What a mistake people have made......

gameknight · 6 years ago

and i totally agree with your first comment, (good guy,) Bookcrazy1

poptyfan_ · 6 years ago

This is a war zone leaving isn't gonna kill us all we will survive vote Labour!!

gooders18 · 6 years ago

It's our future: we should have the right to vote.

hsa1010 · 6 years ago

Brexit is boring. z
z z
| : - | | (btw I am sleeping)

bigfatcat · 6 years ago

I agree. We shouldn’t be afraid, it’s a big thing because not EVERYONE wants to but the majority did so I think people should get over that. It’s not going to change. Go Teresa May!!!!!!

bigfatcat · 6 years ago

I think people should move over the facts that we are leaving and children aren’t allowed to vote. #GoBrexit #MoveOverIt #BeReal

pheebz10 · 6 years ago

I think lots of people voted leave but they did not actually know what would happen and i think the people who voted leave would have changed their mind now they know what happens

bubblyball · 6 years ago

It's important not boring! If this carries on when we are grown up we know what brexit is about.
Sorry if you don't agree with me :-(

jp_1919 · 6 years ago

This is so unfair. We are the ones having to live with the consequences - not the older generation - so why do they get to vote for our future??!!!??!! UNFAIR!

aash1234 · 6 years ago

Brexit is for losers! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

pinner123 · 6 years ago


koalalover · 6 years ago

I agree with you jp_1919. It won't effect them as much as it will effect us!

puppysnowy · 6 years ago

what is the point of brexit
Theresa may should just stay in the eu
the adults are mad because all my friends are foreign
they will leave

tibetandog · 6 years ago


spitfire07 · 6 years ago

noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont leave EU!!! brexit sucks!!! why do the elders get to decide our future?!!!

snowball7 · 6 years ago

We have a right to have our voice and stand up to what we believe I think this is seriously wrong hashtag no brexit:(

snowball7 · 6 years ago

At the moment I think a load of adults have the same amount of brain as two year olds do . Why did David Cameron think that he was such a clever clogs? The future of Britan rests on our shoulders. We need to create a stronger generation so when people like Teresa May destroy our country ,we need to stay strong and piece it back together no matter how had it is.

snowball7 · 6 years ago

soz meant hard.

snowball7 · 6 years ago

soz meant hard.

catiebug11 · 6 years ago


bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago

I just don't understand why we kids never get a say in ANYTHING, when we are actually much more knowledgeable about what it going on then some grown-ups! Why will nobody let us have an effect on this sort of thing for once? :( It's even WORSE now that Donald Trump is coming here.

bookcrazy1 · 6 years ago

I agree snowball7

habbot07 · 5 years ago

I wouldn't want to leave the EU

man2009 · 5 years ago


man2009 · 5 years ago


unicorn07 · 5 years ago

I do not get why on EARTH would we want to leave the EU.
We will be weak so we must FIGHT to get our powers back but still there is no point of BREXIT.
This is annoying because there is so much talk about this and not many people are thinking about the NATURAL WORLD THAT NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!
We must alway stay strong.
#wewillfightthis #ditchbrexit #actnow

unicorn07 · 5 years ago


dreamer44 · 5 years ago

As another comment said, we children should have a vote! It will affect us more and the stats say the over-65s decided our future, voting to leave. This isn't fair! Be considerate to those who may be thrown out of the country come the next three years.... Why don't we have a voice; I thought we were all equal … embracing diversity and whatnot, but clearly it doesn't matter about the impact it has on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dreamer44 · 5 years ago

I couldn't agree more at the minute, snowball 7. It's nice that some of us have an actual brain for once. WE NEED A VOICE! WHO'S WITH ME?

7diamond07 · 5 years ago

Theresa May should step down NOW she’s ruining the UK

emeve · 5 years ago


spitfire07 · 5 years ago

Brexit sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#no brexit

ros89 · 5 years ago

no Brexit no Brexit no brexit no Brexit no Brexit no brexit no Brexit no Brexit no brexit no Brexit no Brexit no brexit
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abinews · 5 years ago

I wish Brexit could be stopped!

owlyem · 5 years ago

Brexit is coursing so much problems why don't they just cancle it that is what everyone wants

bookworma · 5 years ago

no no no no NO!!!! why is brexit doing this??

bookworma · 5 years ago

Slay Brexit literally

vvvv · 4 years ago

Why should immigration numbers decrease? My parents immigrated during wartime. People believe all those stupid myths about immigration ( mentioned in first news ). Shouldn't we welcome immigrates and refugees. STOP BREXIT. Does Brexit have anything to do with the quality of newly built houses decreasing? And how difficult it is to travel to Europe (where I have family members)? And why doctors are being paid less and less?

trudie · 4 years ago

Agreed wiseowl we are....DOOMED

6fiea · 4 years ago

We need to get Brexit done first before anything else

6fiea · 4 years ago

Everyone needs to vote because we don't want what happened last time as people are getting fed up with Brexit and MP's talking nuisance most of the time and shouting at each other. You have to choose the right person for our country.

6fiea · 4 years ago

Most people chose to leave and "not anyone has done anything," says the news reporters Why don't they tell them to do so??? Is it that hard. Why are they thinking that we are "leaving the referendum" when we are not. People want to get Brexit done and that's what Boris Johnson says. Boris wants our country to be safer and that we afford what we want, the other MPs might make some changes but they might not get Brexit done on time, "Why will Boris lie" Most of Labour work is more tax for people which will not be good for other people that are poor and they don't talk about how they will get Brexit done.

Conservative Party

6fiea · 4 years ago

"Brexit" How are we to trade with other countries around the world when the country voted to leave???
Will leave that for the PM that is being elected by 12th December 2019.

6fiea · 4 years ago

No Brexit Brexit Brexit

katkid10 · 4 years ago

And Brexit has happened...