America’s Gun Violence

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Every responsible adult in America is allowed to have a gun. It means 310 million guns are owned in the country. It can make it a violent place to live. First News Live! investigates.

In the USA, people are allowed to own guns to protect themselves from crime or to go hunting. Campaigners say it is too easy for anyone to buy a gun.  They want stricter controls on ownership.   Even with strict laws, though, the wrong people can get their hands on guns.

Gun violence is largely blamed on criminal and teen gangs.

On average every day 84 young Americans are shot in murders, assaults, accidents or by the police.  In 2015 a total of 3,399 young Americans were shot.

Police are cracking down on violence, but a rising number of young people are being shot by the police.  Some of these youth were armed but most were not.  Many people think that this shows that black and hispanic bodies are “considered dispensible”.

There have been mass protests about this across America, the police are accused of being racist.

There is hope, though.  Across the country,  young people are taking a stand to end gun violence.  The charity YO S.O.S. supports young people affected by gun violence.  The charity campaigns through social media and music.

However, change will not be easy to achieve.

President Obama tried and failed to tackle gun violence.  He blamed a nation divided over gun ownership.

Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association (who want to protect the right to buy and use guns) says:

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”


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mayster · 8 years ago

That's really sad

opb10 · 8 years ago

It is a pretty ridiculous law if you think about it. People should have to get licenses first.

twirl · 8 years ago

so sad i feel scared for america

hello123 · 8 years ago

So sad

sarawalter · 8 years ago

even if laws were changed would Americans really give up their guns? if we all lived with guns in the UK - who would be the first to give their gun up when no one else has? that is why Obama failed, no one wants to be without a gun because everyone else has one.

banjoblaze · 7 years ago

opb10, you do have to have a license; they're just far too relaxed about who gets a license. The only rule really is that someone diagnosed mad can't have one, I think. And children can't, but they still do.

pasco · 7 years ago

It is really sad ?

sgadders · 6 years ago

i agree with sarawalter, would people give up their guns. I think that most would but the ones that dont will be the ones that are shooting people. It must stop now