ADVENT CALENDAR: Can you guess what’s behind DOOR NUMBER 12? ??

Advent Calendar 2017


TO celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, First News is running an online advent calendar on First News Live! until Christmas Day.

We’ve got 25 festive treats wrapped up in the form of fun videos, celebrity shout-outs, Christmassy galleries (prepare for a parade of pups in Santa hats) and other surprises, ready and waiting for you! All you have to do is open the new “door” each day.


It’s the perfect reindeer food recipe, courtesy of our friends at RSPB. 

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to get the festive food ready for when Rudolph and chums come to visit.

RSPB has put together the perfect reindeer food recipe, with all ingredients being nice – and not naughty – for wildlife.

 So what’s nice? Well, raw porridge oats and sunflower seeds can make up the bulk of the reindeer chow, and they’re great all-rounders for fat and carbohydrate content. 

Nyjer seeds will add some darker colour and this tiny oil rich seed is highly nutritious and perfect for keeping up energy.

If you want to add some more colour, consider adding blueberries or apple. 

And what’s naughty? It may be tempting to make the reindeer food sparkle, but please don’t use glitter and sequins. Anything made from plastic can cause stomach problems for most animals if eaten. 

More festive fun!

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