Would you rather go away or stay home this summer?


4th August 2020

SCHOOL may be out for summer, but has COVID-19 made foreign holidays out of the question this year?

Things are complicated and confusing right now, for children and adults. And with people slowly starting to emerge from lockdown, we all have concerns and questions.

Naturally, months of lockdown have left plenty of us wondering whether our annual summer holiday plans are cancelled for good this year.

Things were looking pretty bleak, but on Friday 3 July, aft er weeks of guessing (and a lot of confusion), the Government confirmed a list of more than 50 countries that those living in England can travel to and from without having to spend 14 days in quarantine. Countries on the list include France, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Turkey. The Government has spent the last few weeks making special arrangements with these countries.

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that these travel agreements can change at any time.


Would you rather go away or stay home this summer?


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marmoty100 · 2 years ago

I’d rather have a holiday in the UK, because I fell like it’s safer!

kinsparke9 · 2 years ago

Jeez, not everyone can afford to go on holiday at all even without a pandemic going on

redtoad · 2 years ago

I would not want to go on holiday because Covid-19 is still around so it is still not safe to go away.

crystalx27 · 2 years ago

I don't mind not going on holiday at all, however, I can still go on day-trips which are just as fun! :)

glitter09 · 2 years ago

Abroad obviously!!

opalstar · 2 years ago

First to comment!

superdork · 2 years ago

Difficult choice!

opalstar · 2 years ago

I would rather stay at home to be prudent this summer we don't normally go abroad any way my family explore Wales and Scoland . But now I don't think we'll go till next summer

candyv · 2 years ago

I wouldn’t go on holiday abroad because I don’t usually do that anyway and it would be dangerous but I still would want to go somewhere so I would just go somewhere in the UK

sarah.m · 2 years ago


sarah.m · 2 years ago

anyways i would rather not. i was meant to go to the country i come from but the border might shut during my stay. this is because i stay for a long time - the whole summer. also i have to cross the border as there aren't any airports where i come from. this means that the border could close, flights could be cancelled and this means that i would stay in my country and miss my first day of year 7! first day of secondary school and who knows - i may stay there for months! this is bad because i am going to secondary school which means that the school will not think highly of me and everyone would already have made friends and so it will be harder for me to find a friend. basically going on holiday is the worst idea at this moment.

biggestbro · 2 years ago


tealsloth · 2 years ago

I would rather go camping in the UK but my parents say it is going to be busy so we will probably just go for days out.

ninjahorse · 2 years ago


sophie.w · 2 years ago

I would definitely like to go abroad

lune · 2 years ago

I would rather holiday somewhere in the Uk because to go on holiday abroad is quite dangerous but also I am tired of staying at home all day and i’m sure i’m not the only one. It would be nice to get some fresh air and enjoy ourselves during this period while also staying safe.

ulsterjack · 2 years ago

Stay in uk

newsfirst4 · 2 years ago


becca_bc · 2 years ago

I think that as long as you follow guidelines like social distancing and hand washing it’s fine.

arya · 2 years ago

First to comment! So I voted go on holiday in the UK, because, as long as we still kept up with all the rules, and social distancing, I think that it would be okay to travel around!

arya · 2 years ago

Ooops haha didn't mean to post yet! I was saying that I know that it is probably being advised against too much travelling, and if it's allowed then a whole bunch of people probably will 😕, but maybe we could do the bubbles and travel across the UK to see family and stay with them!

applepie8 · 2 years ago

I want to be safe but I also want to go on holiday as I’ve been at home for so long now. Hoping to go to Nan’s caravan in the Lake District x

unipuppyh · 2 years ago

Holiday in the UK, I’ve already booked one :)

mdob · 2 years ago

I would rather stay In the uk, because I don’t want to spread Covid-19 and there are some great destinations here!

anyab3 · 2 years ago

I'm so bored of my house and want to go to a snowy place this summer or winter. Somewhere very far away but safe from covid.

fenry · 2 years ago

i wouldn’t rather go on holiday because nowhere is safe at the moment, everywhere is infected and like they said on the news air particles stay in the air so we have to wear masks and if you did go on holiday you would have to wear a mask wherever you went

codonnell · 2 years ago

The coronavirus us still around so people could just save money for the next year and do more stuff next year

katkid10 · 2 years ago

I only go on holidays to the UK, I have only been abroad once and that on a train.

musiclovr · 2 years ago

I would rather not go on holiday at all because I find it hard where I am at times and going on Holiday somewhere else would be having to get used to new restrictions.

ezme200200 · 2 years ago


tennis22 · 2 years ago

I would like to go abroad but my parents are key workers so if we had to quarantine they would need to take another 2 weeks off. I put UK holiday that is safer

funkid8 · 2 years ago

I think it is extremely unwise to go on holiday, even if it's in the UK, because you would be going into hotels or holiday homes and you would be using and touching other things that other people have touched not that long ago. Going abroad is even worse! The Prime Minister/President of the country you are wishing to enter may shut the borders for a long time, and even if they're open you would have to stay in quarantine in a small, confined space which other people have touched (AGAIN!) and you may feel claustrophobic and it would be horrible to be claustrophobic in a pandemic in another country. So to sum it up I think you shouldn't go on holidays. Maybe you could make a biscuit architecture competition with your family or learn about a tree in your garden.

camembert · 2 years ago

I had a nice little holiday staying in Anglesey for one week and i loved it. I would say holiday in the UK because even though it's not too far from home it's still a proper holiday a and I don't feel ready to go abroad yet.😷🌈

puzzlepeas · 2 years ago

I would like to go on holiday abroad, it will make me feel like I've actually done something.

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

I would go abroad ( if i could ) because in a state like now, ( where there is COVID-19 ) there are other countries where there are less risks to get it.

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

For example: if you were going to Africa, you would have less chances of getting Covid-19 than you would in the UK

ivansp2011 · 2 years ago

But there are other deadly diseases in Africa though:(

footym · 2 years ago

I have already gone on holiday in the UK and i am going to France

codonnell · 2 years ago

It would be nice to go away somewhere but it's probably safer to go next year and you'll have more money to do more things and have a better time next year.

123yay · 2 years ago

I would definitely choose to go on holiday in the UK as it would mean that I am still following the guidelines whilst also being able to enjoy a nice holiday!

tennis22 · 2 years ago

I've just come back from Cheltenham in the UK and it was great. I felt really safe and coronavirus wasn't worrying me at all.

superspud1 · 2 years ago

I love holidays and we have only been abroad once so it is not much of a difference for me

dcfan · 2 years ago

I'd rather holiday in the UK as we have plenty of great holiday destinations here, and you don't have to quarantine. Win-win!

unicornj1 · 2 years ago

A holiday sounds wonderful

hattieliz · 2 years ago

I would rather go on holiday in the UK because if you were abroad if there was another spike you could easily get stuck. we went on holiday in UK this year to the lake district. :) ;)

helena200 · 2 years ago

It said I voted but I hvaent

helena200 · 2 years ago

But I don't know what I've of voted because there isn't a single cases in my Island

helena200 · 2 years ago

So I'd pick na holiday in isle of man

inaaya · 2 years ago

I would rather go abroad because I can learn a new language.

ebao · 2 years ago

No comment

sharkbyte · 2 years ago


bamboomilk · 2 years ago

I would rather go away this summer and see my grandparents but it's just not safe enough yet in my opinion.

samcan · 2 years ago

Defenitly not abroad but it would be awful not to go on holiday at all I just go to my caravan every year anyway!

giraffe21 · 2 years ago

So board I have been self isolating for ages

lobsters98 · 2 years ago


krixkrax8 · 1 year ago

somewhere else because I live in Sweden