Who is your all time favourite fictional teacher?


9th August 2017

OKAY, okay, we know the last thing you guys want to be thinking about right in the middle of your summer holidays are teachers – but how about fiction’s coolest EVER teachers? 

We want to crown fiction’s all time top teacher for a future feature in First News and book lovers, we need your help!

From film, to television, to books, the world of fiction boasts from pretty epic teachers – but who’s your fave?

The First News team have selected their favourites and it’s up to you to pick your top six from the list!

Vote below and leave a comment to tell us why you picked your chosen prof 🙂

This is your chance to influence what you read in First News – so get voting!

Is someone missing from our list? Leave a comment and let us know!

Who is your all time favourite fictional teacher?


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ben · 4 years ago

I've put Miss Honey from Matilda.

P.S It is the winning vote.Yipee for mee!!!

ben · 4 years ago


happy4456 · 4 years ago

I voted for miss Honey from matilda, she's so nice!
and then I saw Mr Rock from Hank Zipzer... why????

kawaii101 · 4 years ago

I had to put Dumbledore! He is so cool!

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

I voted for Albus Dumbledore because he was unique and had a great sense of humour. Also, when he was headmaster, Hogwarts seemed to be run particularly well.

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

Who else is looking forward to seeing Jude Law as young Dumbledore in fantastic beasts 2?

banjoblaze · 4 years ago

My all time favourite fictional teacher isn't on here. His name was Mr. Sutton and he was kind, caring and interesting. He was from a book called Silver by Chris Wooding.

ajmyles · 4 years ago

I voted Hagrid !

He's so kind and helpful?

sisterocks · 4 years ago

Rubeus hagrid has the most fun lessons, I don't like him sometimes but he's better than the other choices in my opinion

ninjagoh · 4 years ago

I picked Dumbledore because he he really help's Harry out in the books!

grace27 · 4 years ago

Miss Honey, definitely. She is a lovely fictional teacher and always looks out for Matilda

rebecca.xo · 4 years ago

I put Miss honey from Matilda because she is very king and funny

catonclan · 4 years ago

I love miss honey!

tkultimate · 4 years ago

I think Mr Rock because he is an inspirational figure because he doesn't care what disabilities Hank or the other students may have, all he cares about is making Hank and the others have a good time.

radishes10 · 4 years ago

professor mcGonagall-she's script, but fair, kind and sometimes amusing and also she's in Harry Potter (I loooovvvvvveeeeee❤️???????????♥️ Harry Potter!!!!!!!) ??????????☺️????????????????

Cookie34 · 4 years ago

I accidentally voted for someone I didn't want to. Oops!

chrischros · 4 years ago

I like Dumbledore because he is so friendly, clever and powerful all at the same time

bobbycat · 4 years ago

Miss Honey because she actually listens to all her children!

prongsii · 4 years ago

i voted for professor McGonagall from harry potter but she isnt really my absolute FAVE.

joohyun56 · 4 years ago

4th to comment! I put Miss Honey from Matilda because she is super kind but i also like Mr Rock from Hank Zipzer because he is really hilarious ugghh it was so difficult too choose

Between Mr Rock and Miss Honey who is your fave! this level is a Mrs D Mrs I Mrs FFI Mrs C Mrs U Mrs LTY

leahpanda4 · 4 years ago

Rubeus hagrid all the way he is my favourite half giant haha

popchip4 · 4 years ago


radishes10 · 4 years ago

@prongsii -I wish Snape was a choice- he is by far my favourite teacher!!! But still, he wasn't, so I voted professor McGonagall (the second best choice!)

oceangirl · 4 years ago

I had to vote for professor Mcgonagall

girlywirly · 4 years ago


banjoblaze · 4 years ago

I agree that Snape would be a good option if he was here.

girlywirly · 4 years ago


ewok5 · 4 years ago

Hagrid is OP.

stigofthe · 4 years ago

i love school of rock

CatLover01 · 4 years ago


RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

Professer Dumbledore is amazing in Harry Potter.
The Order of the Phoenix, Founded by him!
Voldemort was defeated by him in the 5th book,
Gellert Grindlewald defeated by him,
+50 reasons...

RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

Hashtag LoveHarryPotter
Hashtag GoTeamDumbledore

owly · 4 years ago

Miss Honey. 3 reasons:
#1 So nice
#2 Cool name
#3 She's the only one I know

lollypop · 4 years ago

I put Albus Dumbledore ! duhhh! I mean who doesn't love harry potter ! BEST FILM AND BOOKS EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dorito · 4 years ago

Tough decision...

foodiegirl · 4 years ago

I love Hank Zipzer,who doesn't obz Mr Rock!!!?‍??‍??‍???????????

bruh12345 · 4 years ago

Dumbledore from Harry Potter all the way!!
Who doesn't like the books? Who doesn't like the movie?

bruh12345 · 4 years ago


riu · 4 years ago

No vote for the Simpsons one ???Why

coolguy · 4 years ago

Dumbledore and or Mr rock ?????

puppy20 · 4 years ago

I chose Mr Rock from Hank Zipzer as he is so cool and fun and relaxed! Miss Honey from Matilda would also be one of the best and nicest teachers ever!

gavriella · 4 years ago

I think that Chiron/Mr Brunner should have been one of the six on the list because he was two completely different personalities as a teacher.

akurapaty · 4 years ago

I really like Mr.Rock. He is SO cool

akurapaty · 4 years ago

I accidentally voted for Miss Honey! She is good tho

gagho · 4 years ago

I love school of rock ???

calam12 · 4 years ago


Popcornkid · 4 years ago

Big Harry Potter fan ?

orangebob9 · 4 years ago

I voted Hagrid.

ninjahari · 4 years ago

I hate how there are SOOOOOOO many Prof.Dumbledore Voters!Give the others a chance!

ninjahari · 4 years ago

Actually...I kinda wish I had voted Dumbledore... I mean,WOW!

emperor · 4 years ago

I put Prof. McGonagall. But my favourite teachers of all time are definitely Professor Severus Snape and Professor Alastor Moody, both from Harry Potter Series. I like my form tutor but I'm not sure that counts ?

emperor · 4 years ago

Its kind of funny how loads of people said Snape ? it would definitely be up there

hptigers · 4 years ago

It has to be Dumbledore!

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago

I wish he was my teacher!

LeoCOOL · 4 years ago

Dewey Finn-I wish he was my teacher!

april2008 · 4 years ago

i agree kawaii101

PinaEgg123 · 4 years ago

Wa-hey!!!!! Dumbledore is winning!

PinaEgg123 · 4 years ago

yes radishes10!!

bellecat96 · 4 years ago

Dumbledore all the way!

ZENCE40 · 4 years ago

Mr Rock is so awesome! i wish we had a teacher like him!!!!

formentera · 4 years ago

I love harry pitter

Shreybu · 4 years ago

Hagrid, definitely! Professor Rubeus Hagrid is the funniest and most understanding professor. He will teach you in a fun way and be your best friend at all times!

lilialolli · 4 years ago

Hagrid from Harry Potter is a clumsy,friendly and of course GIANT. He might come across as a person (or half-giant)that often breaks the rules but does give some warm and useful advice to HarryandCo during the years at hogwarts and some treasured memories were shared with him and Harry at hogwarts. I think Hagrids the BEST(fictional) teacher their is!

Sparkle09 · 4 years ago

Why is Remus Lupin not on this list?

musica100 · 4 years ago

I voted for Professor McGonagall because I love Griffindor and Harry Potter.

yum_kitty9 · 4 years ago

might have died if I had not voted McGonagall

yum_kitty9 · 4 years ago

but they dont have Snape or I would have done him

eeveepika · 4 years ago

i was the 200th one to vote for dumbledore.
dumbledore is obviously the winning one.
#200th one to vote

zeushades8 · 4 years ago

Proffesor X , I mean , comE on guys

hptigers · 4 years ago

Who does not love Dumbledore?

shadow39 · 4 years ago

Professor Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter obs
omg come on people ?

cooledie · 4 years ago

definitely rubeus hagrid from harry potter! #such fun lessons

fly · 4 years ago

I LOVE HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fifa · 4 years ago

Definitely mr rock from hank zipser because he is so kind and he really cares about hank and he helps him with his dyslexia

vvvv · 4 years ago

Very hard. All the ones I know of are amazing. Miss Honey is a wonderful woman, so is Mc Gonnagell. Rubeus Hagrid is really wonderful, so is Albus Dumbledore. Professor Mc Gonnagell doesn't get enough credit so I chose her. Who could hate her?

prodandy · 4 years ago

I was leaning towards Hagrid, although I just had to for Miss Honey!

[email protected] · 4 years ago

Dumbledore is winning squeeeeeeeeee

fluffy14 · 4 years ago

I love Harry Potter and I have watched all the films and read the books at least twice
But it was difficult choosing between Hagrid as well because in the books and films they are
both much loved characters

gavriella · 4 years ago

Hagrid is my all time favourite teacher.He is risky and a real heroic figure.Hagrid has amazing qualities of a bold,witty man .Hagrid is a rather odd and interesting person.

RoseBun · 4 years ago

Miss Honey is lovely and caring.

ravenclaw · 4 years ago

I put McGonagall,I can’t wait to go to Hogwarts and have my first ever transfiguration class!!

ravenclaw · 4 years ago

I’m so glad Snape isn’t there. #sorrybakeey

ravenclaw · 4 years ago

I couldn’t choose between professor McGonagall or Mr Finn ,but I chose McGonagall,whyyy can’t I choose both?????

kestj003.3 · 4 years ago


kestj003.3 · 4 years ago


amberspell · 4 years ago

it just HAS to be Dumbledore, hasn't it.

sealover13 · 4 years ago

Harris because who wouldn’t wan’t to have a class where you care for magical beasts?

sealover13 · 4 years ago


holholster · 3 years ago

My favourite fictional teacher is definitely Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter, because he is a really kind and lovable part of the series! I wish I could go to Hogwarts! #waitingformyletter

nostrils · 3 years ago

Profesor McGonaagall Cares for Harry so so much, I bet she'd be the BEST Grandma.

sootysweep · 3 years ago

professor Hagrid from Harry Potter. He is the best. Although I did find it hard to choose between Dumbledoor

potterpug1 · 3 years ago

I wish they had a vote for prof slughorn ???????‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♂️
why don’t have a Hagrid emoji!?
* inhales *

celtic10 · 3 years ago

I love Harry Potter so it’s definitely McGonagall

celtic10 · 3 years ago

My favourite teacher of all time is Professor Remus John Lupin from Harry Potter ?