Do you think we should still leave the European Union?


25th January 2019

WHAT a busy week it’s been for Brexit! There have been votes galore and all sorts of drama, but we’re still not sure what kind of Brexit we’ll be getting.

Things kicked off last Tuesday (15 January), when Parliament voted on Theresa May’s deal with the EU. Of the 634 MPs who voted on the deal, 432 voted no. That’s a majority of 230 – and the biggest defeat that a British government has had since 1924.

Following the vote, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put forward a vote of no-confidence in the Government. This took place the very next day (16 January) and gave MPs a chance to say whether they trusted the Government.

Theresa May’s Government defeated the no-confidence motion by 325 to 306 votes, meaning that her Government should remain in power. There are no limits on no-confidence votes from Labour, so we could be seeing more soon.

After all that, Theresa May had to present her Plan B to Parliament. In a speech, she told MPs that she had found “three key changes” that could mean more MPs would vote for it. She also said she’d be reaching out to MPs from other parties to find a Brexit deal.

Labour suggested that MPs should be able to vote on whether to hold a second referendum – the first time that the party has asked MPs to consider a second poll. We want to know what you think about Brexit at this point – as lots has happened since the vote first took place in 2016!



Do you think we should still leave the European Union?


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teamgorbo1 · 4 years ago

Yes, because the majority voted to leave. Everyone should now concentrate on getting the best deal possible. The country has got to show that it is united and in control.

hagrid · 4 years ago


oxgavena · 4 years ago

Unity is always better than division also it has wasted money that could have been spent on things like the NHS and environmental problems

gwenrat · 4 years ago

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gwenrat · 4 years ago

I don’t think we should leave the European Union because exotic products in supermarkets will get more expensive. Also we shouldn’t leave without another public vote on whether to leave or to stay

nanodream · 4 years ago

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nanodream · 4 years ago

I think we should remain

nanodream · 4 years ago

I think we should remain because Brexit will do no good to the UK. It will only damage the economy and GDP; make millions of people and businesses’s lives harder; and sever ties with Europe. Though leave won the vote, I believe that’s campaign was unfair as they used personal documents obtained illegally through Cambridge Analytica

xx_tan_xx · 4 years ago

I don't think we should leave because it was better before also Brexit will affect European people in the UK. Brexit is just very complicated and will come out with no good improvements.

nebbo13 · 4 years ago

No! We are so much better of IN the EU than out of it. The first time round, we didn't have all the facts. So now that we do, I think it's only fair that, now we are properly informed, there should be a second referendum

nebbo13 · 4 years ago

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cheezepuff · 4 years ago

I think we should not leave because it is better to stay in the EU and keep a close relationship to Europe than pushing ourselves forward to things that we have not gone through enough.

gordone · 4 years ago

We shouldn’t leave the eu because that means we’ll lose trade with the EU and Europe it will also mean that we’ll have to change laws

act-now45 · 4 years ago

We've gone to all this effort and now you want to stop! After constant hours of hard work for the government and you want to stop all of this. Were not going back now, not after two years of waiting.

sao · 4 years ago

If we leave the EU, there would be millions of jobs attached to the EU trade that will be at risk, and our country will be unable to export,, as well as import, important goods!

evildino · 4 years ago

Yes because the EU has shown that it doesn’t care about the well-being of Britain for the sake of politics. They have acted like children, proving that they are not a fit organisation for us to be a part of. They can’t have believed everyone would stay forever!

hermione9 · 4 years ago

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hermione9 · 4 years ago

No, this will make people in Ireland lose their jobs and we won't be able to ship that many things anymore so I think we should not.

hermione9 · 4 years ago

No! It is bad for economy, science, shipping, jobs, payment and people in Ireland and the U.K. I vote ni to leaving the EU!!

Umbrella4 · 4 years ago

I think that when we voted we didn't know what was gonna happen but now we know what a big deal it is we should stay!! #firsttocomment

mimpi123 · 4 years ago

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mimpi123 · 4 years ago


natalija · 4 years ago

No we shouldn't leave the EU because we traded with it for many years and it helped England in case of any problems. Also, the pound will fall if we leave the European Union and that is not good for England.

titmouse · 4 years ago

Leave means leave

littlepup · 4 years ago

I think that we should really stay in the europeen union

thefatcont · 4 years ago

All this fuss about Brexit... Why bother?

kai1502 · 4 years ago

I don't think we should have to leave the EU because it is our rightful home - some of us were born here and don't want to leave

crystalx27 · 4 years ago

No because there are too many problems that will need dealing with in one go which is making Brexit a lot harder for us and the government.

piggyo5 · 4 years ago

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piggyo5 · 4 years ago

I think we shouldn't leave the EU as we get lots of benefits from it and Theresa May has not got a deal through parliament, meaning we might leave without a deal.

crystalx27 · 4 years ago

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dagabush · 4 years ago

Brexit is bad because it will make everything in the shops more expensive so we will have to pay more for everything! What a waste of money!
Boo Brexit!

I’m 9 years old

dagabush · 4 years ago


rosrio · 4 years ago

Us kids dont seem to want brexit right? Well its us who should decide-its our future!

joep101 · 4 years ago

I definitely think we should not leave the E.U. At the moment, we are struggling to find a deal and, if we do not find a deal, the results will be disastrous. Also, I think that Brexit will affect my future negativity because I will no longer be able to travel abroad as easily and the will be a border over my cousins in Ireland.

joey_a_g · 4 years ago

I think we should leave because we would be safer from terrorist threats

ggirl · 4 years ago

We had a vote so we should stick to it.

jojo4ever · 4 years ago

I think we shouldn't leave the EU as it might cause satisfaction for some people, but for others, their jobs and lives should be at risk. We elected Conservative Party thinking they would make life better for us, is this what you call better for the UK??????

jojo4ever · 4 years ago

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lukey6 · 4 years ago

I think we shouldn't stay in the EU as the country and Government voted to leave. If we had a referendum on what deal to have the Government could just put that in place

spacecat17 · 4 years ago

No, we trade with the EU , which is how we have a lot of our food.It would also be easier to have another referendum now that people have seen the prosess of leaving

ajdp · 4 years ago

I would like to be able to see and live in France or another European country, but if we leave the EU then we have to stay in Britain. I also think it's better if we let other people from poorer countries to enjoy things like the NHS or good and fair wages.

crazyslime · 4 years ago

I think Britan should not leave the European Union

smnrose · 4 years ago

Yes, there was a vote, this is how democracy works. Even if you originally voted to remain you should still be insistent that we leave because otherwise nobodies votes mean ANYTHING!

v_venkie · 4 years ago

I don't think we should leave the European Union(EU) because i it will get a lot expensive and the countries in Europe will be expensive and you have to go with your VISA.

From Smrithi

crazyslime · 4 years ago

No because it will cause a lot of disruption and chaos

queenb_111 · 4 years ago

I think we should stay in the European Union because it is better for our futures. We have a limited path to a good future at the moment but if we stay there is a huge path for everyone to be what they want to be when they grow up.

mimmygirl · 4 years ago

We should stay in the EU because the EU helps all the countries that are members and being in it also meant that we could travel around Europe freely and get medical help in any of those countries. Brexit is a mess; we'll probably crash out without a deal seeing as there is less than sixty days left and we haven't got anywhere in two years. We are better to stay in.

mimmygirl · 4 years ago

We children are the ones living with this and we want to stay in.

lucyhamlin · 4 years ago

Just get on with it!

news4kids · 4 years ago

If we leave the EU products from other countries would be more expensive to buy, especially daily use products. Also hospital nurses and doctors, from other EU countries would leave hospitals.

xx_tan_xx · 4 years ago

I really want to ask this: i was first to comment 4 days ago but now my message is way below. How did Teamgorbo1 get in front of me??????

apple92 · 4 years ago

Yes because I watched Sky News yesterday night and 327 politicians in the House of Commons decided we should leave the EU with a better deal for our future.

fk-95633 · 4 years ago

I think that brexit should never of happened in the first place and Jeremy Corbyn should be pm

lollipop33 · 4 years ago

No, because it is important that we keep a good relationship with our fellow EU countries. This could lead to, ultimately, unfairness - about Britain having more benefit but less responsibility than the other EU nations - but also even to a new war (or Cold War) between the UK and the other European countries. These are both terrible things.

celtic10 · 4 years ago

I think Brexit should be scrapped

elephant_m · 4 years ago

No, because we have seen what leaving the EU is like. If we have a no-deal Brexit, then that means we leave the EU, but we will not be able to have a say. If we leave the EU with a deal, then that means that we will leave the EU forever. Staying in the EU means at least we will have partnership with other countries and will get help if needed. If we go out of the EU, there will be no step backwards and we will always be out of the EU, however struggling we are.

nibbles21 · 4 years ago

We should leave as we voted for it. it is also the best option for our country as controlling immigration flow is vital to continuing services like the NHS and providing people with benefits that actually need them.

newsedit · 4 years ago

Brexit has caused enough division and uncertainty already, and we haven’t even left the EU yet! I say leave it to the public to vote on the issue.

tarzan501 · 4 years ago

Most of the people who voted for it in the first place didn't even know what they were voting for!

skateuk · 4 years ago

no, i always wanted to stay.
why leave????????
Britain will be much better with the EU

ajdp · 4 years ago

Britain is definitely better in the EU than out - first, there is the Irish border, which has only recently been sorted. Northern Ireland has a fragile peace which leaving the EU could break. Second, it makes the value of the pound drop, which is definitely bad for us, even though we don't have to pay the EU membership.

haribo12 · 4 years ago

The people voted leave. We are a democratic country. Shall we have a re-vote on everything after 2 years if we don’t like the outcome?

manutdboi · 4 years ago

The public have made their dicision and nothing in life is easy so we just have to persist with it.

piggyo5 · 4 years ago

I think we should have a second referendum - The leave campaign made up lies about immigration to get people to vote for them. Lots of people were misled and now that people can see what Brexit means they don't want it! We should see what the people want just to make sure.

martincb · 4 years ago

We shouldn't leave. Realy??

martincb · 4 years ago

We really whole not go the European union it is our home?

lakeshore · 4 years ago

I mean look at all the chaos it's caused

asdfiscool · 4 years ago

all of this fuss and we still haven't got a deal. besides we will lose many of our resources (medicine cars clothes etc)

anb12495 · 4 years ago

No. There are already so many issues with leaving the EU that if we stay, we won't have to face. We may not be able to get medicine or food in the EU. If we had a re-vote anyway a lot more people would probably choose stay especially after all the damage it's caused.

heh · 4 years ago

I don't understand, what is going on?

I just searched on the internet, and I say NO

toffeeguy · 4 years ago

Leaving the EU means that our food supply from other countries might be cut off. This is resulting to some people starving. PM Theresa May might be leaving but she must hold one final vote and see the results of that.

book_girl · 4 years ago

I think we should remain because it has been a massive faff getting a deal and we still don't have one agreed. Also it will greatly affect many jobs and many trades between countries in the EU will be stopped.

flying89 · 4 years ago

The opportunitys will be way more limited and the way I see it,we have spent so long thinking about it it doesn't seem like such a good idea anymore

flying89 · 4 years ago

Because we are part of the EU we more like a family

lilacperil · 4 years ago

we can not back down now, we have gone so far. We need to leave the EU an stand on our own feet. We should listen the people that voted out and the others should stop moaning.

myotisis · 4 years ago

I think we should stay in the EU. With Brexit it'll be harder to trade between us and other countries, non-British citizens may not be able to live here, and it would be harder to travel the EU.
However, I understand that it would be unfair to the people who voted Brexit in the first place, as the majority voted to leave.

superboy42 · 4 years ago

I think we shouldn't leave the European union because if we did, we would need to raise the price on travelling internationally
but I like my travels in the air so basically, I WILL be VERY sad if we do.

jedi1234 · 4 years ago

No! Lot’s of people didn’t know the outcome of what would happen if we leave. Therefore, I believe a second referendum will be the best option.

yumyum2008 · 4 years ago

I think we should have a second referendum because there was a three percent difference between the amount of people wishing to remain and those who wished to leave. Thirty percent of the population didn’t even vote, so how can we say with certainty that the majority wish to leave the European Union? I think that because the outcome was so close, we can hardly call the amount of people who wanted to leave a majority. Politicians lied to us, and their untrue facts influenced many people’s opinion. One of the reasons why people voted to leave was that the politicians said the NHS would receive more funding, however, we now know this is is a lie. And why did we even vote on Brexit when we were doing fine before...

ekerosberg · 4 years ago

pressed wrong button but I think that we should leave because despite the fact that the majority wanted to leave the prices in shops would rise and it would be an unpleasant experience for everyone.

spacegirlg · 4 years ago

No, because it just wastes time. We could be fighting climate change, which is much much more important. Why waste time anyway? It just makes the government put effort into nothing important at all.

ijm · 4 years ago

No, because the UK gets most of its money from the EU and if we leave then the UK will have less money.

abinews · 4 years ago

I think Brexit is a really bad idea; I live in france and everybody is having to get the nationanlity as otherwise, especiallt teachers could loose their job! If Brexit had never happend who knows what would be happening right now! (That's not contradiction, by the way)

lottiec09 · 4 years ago

No,because we have to stick together we are like one family that can not be Broken unless you want to brake it apart

12ah · 4 years ago

We should definitely not leave the EU because we would be a mess if we left , the prices of food would go up because of trade difficulty (food taking longer to come in to the country), medicines would be harder to get,wich means BIG problems for the NHS. It will also be harde to travel intonationally , wich makes holidays harder. Me and my family like to go to Ireland every Year to see my granny, and we have to go through Northern Ireland to get there and if there was a hard border it would take a long time to get there. We have les than 50 days to leave now. We nead to make a dissision because this is a HUGE mess .
We are the futre geniration who will live with this,so our voices are inportant. 474 of us say stay so that shows what we want . Our voices should definitely be heard.

awsomeboy · 4 years ago

We need to stay in it people. Come on are you with me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

viking · 4 years ago

Who WANTS to leave the European Union?... ANYONE... no one! Sactly adults... why don’t you listen to children instead

viking · 4 years ago

Bruh! WW111 is gonna happen now...

rollersk8t · 4 years ago

When the public voted, they didn’t know what they were voting for!!! Theresa May is trying to do something she can’t do so why doesn’t she give up! She’s as silly as Donald Trump!!!????

guineapigg · 4 years ago

I think we should have another referendum, after the first one the results were very close, and after all the problems we have faced many people may have changed their minds.

fishgirl2 · 4 years ago

No because people who are from a different country will have to go back to their country again even if they have settled in England.

star8888 · 4 years ago

I think Brexit is a waste of time and it is making more problems for the UK. I feel sorry for Theresa May as she wanted to remain in the first place. EU countries are good, because we can't travel abroad or seek medical help if there is no deal. Thats why I think no, I don't see the point

winniepooh · 3 years ago

No, because it will cause lots of issues, harder to travel more expensive products as it will be more pricey to ship the products made in other countries. But I think it is too close now so all we can do is get a now is get a reasonably good deal. And if Theresa may can not provide that for our country then I believe we should nominate a new leader who is worthy to take on that role, sort out all the brexit mess and succesfully put our country back on their feet.

swordfight · 3 years ago

Excuse me, you all seem to be panicking so much and saying it’ll be terrible. Why is it going to be terrible, may I ask? We voted to leave, so we will leave. We pay them two billion pounds a year, and most of that goes to the unelected EU MP’s pension. While in the EU, we are only allowed to export a certain amount per year, and only 44% of the UK’s total exports goes to the EU, while there are laws on how many bries we buy from France, how curvy bananas have to be and the roundness of potatoes. Also, Germany and Spain won’t refuse to trade with us because they want to sell us the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis and the BMWs.
Please consider this information.

spagletti · 3 years ago

I’m with ⚔️ Swordfight. We’re not going back now! And 2 billion is a lot of money that could be spent on our NHS.

opr · 3 years ago

I’m with swordfight and spagletty. We need to leave to help the British economy! SERIOUSLY!!! 44%!!!

yr4woodpek · 3 years ago

I was the 100th to say yes thats why I said yes but otherwise I would have said no.

anb12495 · 3 years ago

Brexit is our future

ligginsl · 3 years ago

no because what if there is a war...

piggy01 · 3 years ago


queenb_111 · 3 years ago

I think that we should right a letter to Theresa May and say to go on and see the results of the poll there because after all it is mainly our futures that it is effecting. You know what i have already started my letter!!!!!!!!!!

kizzwizz · 3 years ago

Why is everyone saying about trump building walls when we are making one of our own.

edmonds123 · 3 years ago

yes because the eu are bossing us the uk to follow there laws and everything and all this we need a good trade with the eu might not happen because if they say no they're not gonna suddenly change their minds and there are many other countries and continent that will be willing to trade with us anyway

simpsons10 · 3 years ago

What many people don't understand is that we know so much more about Brexit now and there is still time to change what is happening. We need to show that we can change our minds and that we are not stubborn people. Moreover, the vote was not fair as people, like my parents, did not get to vote because they emigrated from another country, although this was many years ago. And children, who Brexit affects the most, also didn't get a say in this important matter.

simpsons10 · 3 years ago

Nanodream knows their stuff.

simpsons10 · 3 years ago

joey_a_g, leaving the EU would not make you safer from terrorist threats. In fact, the EU could give us support if a terrorist attack would happen.

henners08 · 3 years ago

It will be easier to cross borders.

emeve · 3 years ago

No, the vote was almost equal and also some people might be having second thoughts. Also we wouldn't be having lots of drama if we didn't have brexit ,we could focus on global warming and plastic in the oceans.

super5tar · 3 years ago

No because it makes life harder as people won't always remember the new rules, some food will be more expensive and it will be hard to go abroad. Also it's silly to be divided as that causes more arguements

this-is-me · 3 years ago

Right, to say it like it is: brexit is rubbish! Theresa May is supposed to be leading our country not breaking it apart! There are no upsides to brexit: all that it's going to do is waste thousands of pounds on things that could be avoided. The government aren't funding the nhs enough because they 'can't afford it' but somehow they can afford brexit!

lakeshore · 3 years ago

there may be no food for a few weeks

mob789 · 3 years ago

I think that we shouldn't because it means that there isn't going to be easy to travel anymore since we will need to have a visa for every trip.Also it means that every where that's not here for us would be 'abroad'.

euanp · 3 years ago

We should stay because people should celebrate differences not separate them.

cheezepuff · 3 years ago

STOP! Brexit is tearing our world apart,I want adults to realise it’s our future not theirs!

cheezepuff · 3 years ago

STOP!!!Brexit is tearing our world apart ,it’s our future not the adults!!!

wis09 · 3 years ago

I don't want to leave the European Union because all the food will be more money. We should have one more vote even if more people want to leave. It is not fair if people have to leave when they don't want to.

lamb14 · 3 years ago

We shouldn't leave because lots of people have changed their minds now that it is unlikely that we will get a good deal.

ojasvi · 3 years ago

Everyone must've changed thier mindes and want to stay after all the trouble it's caused us

abinews · 3 years ago

This will probably mess up everyone's future. THANKS adults!!! :-(

rosiem · 3 years ago


montana132 · 3 years ago

no leave the EU

montana132 · 3 years ago

stay in the EU always

piestar124 · 3 years ago


drduck · 3 years ago

We should have one more public vote.

Pumpkin31 · 3 years ago

No, Brexit is causing pandemonium in England

gucci · 3 years ago

we were not given the full details

owlyem · 3 years ago

look at the results of the poll and you will see the truth

catonclan · 3 years ago

Lets think about this very carefully;
It is wasting government time and money,
Lots of problems that need to come up haven't,
The public are fed up of it,
NO NO and thrice NO!

super5tar · 3 years ago

There is not much benefit from it, only less people will come to the UK but wanting that is selfish, especially to people who need a home

finbob207 · 3 years ago

No cos it's too much bother. (And it means no Nutella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(. )

pbadminton · 3 years ago

No more brexit

PinaEgg123 · 3 years ago

Yes the majority (by a tiny fraction) voted to win, but when we were pushed by outrageous lies and fake promises! That divide would easily be pushed over to choosing to Remain! It also really angers me that the politicians like Boris Johnson who lied to the country have got away scot-free, when actually it is much more influential than people realise.

john28 · 3 years ago


john28 · 3 years ago

IM 8

lfcrules · 3 years ago

WE HAVE TO STAY !!!!!!!!!!!

wimpykid · 3 years ago

No way! The EU has done so much for us! What would we do without it? I am honestly terrified. I am in year 5 and my whole year is. Someone in my class calls Theresa May "Theresa Dismay". I don't know what to do.
P.S. #remain

wimpykid · 3 years ago

We are obviously doing ALL THIS, doing ALL THIS just because SLIGHTLY more people want to. Isn't it just easier to cancel?

hector7 · 3 years ago

No, no, no ,no, never!

bookworma · 3 years ago

DON'T. KNOW!!!!!! did no anyway.

bookworma · 3 years ago

Brexit= me- EXPLOSION!!!

when something like Brexit happens, i literally explode. let's just... go back to normal! what we were doing before!!! just.. slay brexit! WHY did this start anyway? if i were prime minister ( which i doubt would happen, i wanna be an author and poet ), i would just say, "look, people. this is never going to stop, is it? we're never going to get a deal. it doesn't look like it, does it? i say we go back to what we were doing in the first place. we want to be independent, we want peace, i know, we all know, but just by stopping this argument, and leaving it be, we can all be one, peaceful, community in everything we do. together. Brexit is mixing up and messing with our lives. So, stop this, stop arguing: peace is what we need right now."

ahh... that's better. got my idea. SHOW THIS TO THE WORLD!!!!!

oh, yes, if you go to the careers page, go down to the bottom, find me, and read it. any people who want to be poets or authors out there, my advice would be to enter lots of competitions on story-writing and poetry, so your work could be published!!!! ( like me ). that would be a good start to your career!!


bookworma · 3 years ago

wimpykid, tell your classmate that i think they are absolutely hilarious! Theresa Dismay! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!
( Theresa May )

bookworma · 3 years ago

opr, swordfight, and spagletty, really?! Swordfight, i don't think you should be so mean. other people have their own opinions. they are worried. it is obvious that you are not. you don't need to show off and use long words and hurt other people's feelings. that's just unkind. apologise to everyone!!! that is practically cyberbullying, going, "Excuse me, you all seem to be panicking so much and saying it’ll be terrible. Why is it going to be terrible, may I ask? We voted to leave, so we will leave." really? we all have different opinions. so, swordfight, think about how mean you are and what you deserve! don't forget to apologise to everyone!!!!!!

bookworma · 3 years ago

forgot to add in something, swordfight. this should be your name:


lottielove · 3 years ago

Why would we want to STILL want to leave the EU? I mean just WHY??? :(