Do you think that shock collars should be banned?


9th March 2018

TRAINING collars that can give pets painful electric shocks are still legally available in England, despite being banned in Wales and Scotland.

The collars are used to train dogs, and some cat owners use similar devices to keep their cats away from roads.

England’s Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, is expected to try to ban shock collars. However, The Times reports that Gove’s colleague, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, has fitted his cats with similar collars.

The RSPCA, Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Dogs Trust and Kennel Club have all campaigned for a ban.

Gudrun Ravetz, a vet and Senior Vice President of the British Veterinary Association, told us that: “Electronic training devices, such as shock collars, have a negative, painful effect and can cause unnecessary suffering. We know from leading veterinary behaviourists that using fear as a training tool is less effective than positive training methods, such as encouragements or rewards.

“There isn’t currently any evidence that pulse pet containment fences, which use a collar to deliver a shock if the animal tries to leave, cause the same distress to animals, so we are not currently calling for these to be banned. We would welcome further evidence on their use and effectiveness. Anyone in need of advice on dealing with pet behaviour issues, such as potentially dangerous roaming in cats, should speak to their vet to get advice on how to do it positively and humanely.”

Do you think that shock collars should be banned?


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arguitar10 · 4 years ago

No, because some dogs may not be controllable
and they need to handle them.

cooledie · 4 years ago

I think the collars should definitely be banned because if they can give pets electric shocks, then what is the point in keeping them? They are hurting the animals, and if we keep pets we should be making them happy, not hurting them!

arguitar10 · 4 years ago

1st to comment

unizz · 4 years ago

making dogs suffer to train them isn't right,rewards should be used.

sim2008 · 4 years ago

This definitely should be bannned... how would you fell being electric-shocked every time you make a mistake?

familygama · 4 years ago

I think it should be banned because it could really hurt them.

bela · 4 years ago

It is cruel

fwsa · 4 years ago

Of course shock collars should be banned, they don’t work very well in training and they are unnecessarily cruel to dogs.

squad11 · 4 years ago

Why do people use shock collars ?! I use positive training for my dog ??

squad11 · 4 years ago

And thank god I live in Wales

grangerfan · 4 years ago

I think they should be banned as they are hurtful and you are only making the animal afraid of you which is not making anything better.

ishocks · 4 years ago

I find it absolutely disgraceful that people can train dogs and cats in such a bad way. We must remember that animals were here on Earth before we came, so we have to act like their guests and be kind to them. In my opinion a dog or a cat should be trained with love and tempting treats rather then brutal methods which can break the dogs’ or cats’ bond with us humans. We must think before we act!

wisecat652 · 4 years ago

Poor dogs, those collars are so cruel. I see the problem in cats wandering near roads, but there are many other (nicer) solutions.??

reader9000 · 4 years ago

I think YES because I would not like an animal to fear me and it would be very painful!

reader9000 · 4 years ago

I think YES because I would not like an animal to fear me and it would be very painful!

Molloy · 4 years ago

Even though they are bad, they can sometimes be used to keep dogs under control

bela · 4 years ago

so mean

kawaiicat · 4 years ago

I think no because it hurts animals and causes distress towards it and I think that it could even be classified as animal abuse. I do hope it will be banned since I care for animals a lot.

cmi_hall1 · 4 years ago

Yes of course because it's harmful to the animals plus it doesn't make a difference.

adamlego17 · 4 years ago

Dogs have the same rights as humans and you wouldn't shock a human.

yanisk · 4 years ago

I can't believe they haven't been banned yet! They are horrible! Imagine you were wearing it. Horrible!

shestopal · 4 years ago

Yes because it is kind of unfair on dogs

whiteflame · 4 years ago

no animal should be treated this way. just imagine if this was being done you.

ep-22579 · 4 years ago

I think they should be banned because how would you like it if YOU were a dog? I certainly wouldn't like to wear a shock collar.

guest_8133 · 4 years ago

We must ban shock collars. Dogs do not get to do as much as humans so it's not fair on them already.
We don’t wear shock collars. When I am typing this I could see yes would win so I know people have the right idea.

gamer07 · 4 years ago

First comment- BAN THEM NOW!

gamer07 · 4 years ago

As in ban shock collars. Comment ? if u agree!

unicorn3 · 4 years ago

It is unfair to animals if they are hurt unnecessarily

gamer07 · 4 years ago

The shock collars could be really hurting dogs, even if they Don't show it.

7diamond07 · 4 years ago

I think we should because animals have a right not to be tortured to be good.

wren · 4 years ago

I didn't know what to vote because - would you rather your dog was electric shocked, but didn't get run over? But then, isn't there another way to do it? Comment ? if you have same dilemma.

izzy28 · 4 years ago

they should ban it as its dangerous and they should make a safer one otherwise

eh-78957 · 4 years ago

Animals should not be hurt because their owners are training them!

eh-78957 · 4 years ago

Animals should not be hurt because their owners are training them!!

popcorn100 · 4 years ago

Shock collars are cruel and are a form of animal abuse. Giving an electric shock to pets/animals is the same as giving an electric shock to humans.

agentamber · 4 years ago

It's cruel and inhumane to put unnecessary shock collars on innocent animals.Because what have they done to you?

amberspell · 4 years ago

Shock collars sound horrible! Definitely ban them.

ananyaa21 · 4 years ago

This is really shocking. Pets need to be trained, but not in a cruel way like this!

theswagpig · 4 years ago

No because it’s harmful to dogs ??

sushicat · 4 years ago


RockyTabbs · 4 years ago

I think that it is horrible that there are shock collars. First comment

holly · 4 years ago

I think that's so cruel ?

radishes10 · 4 years ago

DEFINITELY!! Dogs should be treated with love and care, not pain and fear!

Umbrella4 · 4 years ago

#First to comment
I don't wan't a innocent doggy to be electrocuted!

anjana · 4 years ago

I would say that putting a shock collar on your pet is basically cruelty to animals. There are a lot of ways to train your pet but putting a shock collar is not one of them.

koalalover · 4 years ago

I think it should be banned because it is hurting dogs when they step out of line, imagine if you got an electric shock every time did something bad.

funstuff1 · 4 years ago

they should be banned because i do not think dogs should be treated in that way

ottyotty · 4 years ago

Yes they should be banned, because they wouldn't put it on a human if they weren't behaving so why put it on a dog?

netbalover · 4 years ago

Shocking dogs is pretty much the same as tasering criminals but dogs AREN'T criminals, they are soft, cuddly friendly creatures. They're innocent creatures just like you or me

kgrewal · 4 years ago

Some dogs just cannot

asdfiscool · 4 years ago

everyone makes mistakes- you shouldn't be punished for being natural

ozlover · 4 years ago

I think they should be banned because dogs and some cats will not know what there doing and are hurt for doing nothing (in there minds)! They should have a treat to distract them or a toy and receive a treat not get shocked for doing wrong!

bigfatcat · 4 years ago

It could HURT your pet and cause them pain. I really don’t understand why they aren’t being banned already and why people want to keep them! Some people may say that it’s used for training, that is no excuse ! If it’s for training then maybe reward them with treats or a nice stroke on the back, no harm done. A debate shouldn’t have really happened because they should be banned straight away!


ceejay101 · 4 years ago

I think the collars are used, not to try and hurt the animals, but so they can learn what is right and what is wrong. But, I also think people should find an alternative because it is animal abuse.

6C 6C · 4 years ago

Horrible I can't believe that's happening no one would want that happening to them so why do it to animals

woof04 · 4 years ago

We should not hurt pets to train them. Instead of making electric collars, maybe they could use something that will not hurt the animal but might just be slightly unpleasant, like a squirt of water or something. It might sound ridiculous but it's better than giving them an electric shock.

gosithasr · 4 years ago

Hi HAM23

ham23 · 4 years ago

yes ban them those poor animals RJ REPORTS

bubblyball · 4 years ago

Electrocute a dog?WHAT?!

firefox24 · 4 years ago

Dogs and cats, just like humans, can feel pain. If you were a dog, how would you feel if you got hurt just because you didn't understand the world properly? ?

firefox24 · 4 years ago

We are animals too! What if dogs were our owners and they put shock collars on us? This is unfair!

popchip4 · 4 years ago

I think electric shock collars should be banned but there are some vibration collars that are acceptable like ones that just make a small noise or shake a little ....

elise2006 · 4 years ago

I think they should be banned because people should not treat their pets like that. Instead, they should be trained more kindly.???

pinkypie28 · 4 years ago

The dogs could die nobody wants a dog to die and the cats

bobsjam · 4 years ago

Yes because u just have to give them a chance

starblaze3 · 4 years ago

Animals may have to learn to obey but that should not be with force or pain, only rewards and treats

starblaze3 · 4 years ago

It is very unfair

sealover13 · 4 years ago

Yes. Electrocuting dogs to train them is just wrong.

joabboss · 4 years ago

yes because its cruel and mean to hurt animals.

Esiotrot2 · 4 years ago

Cruel ☹️

hobbes123 · 4 years ago

No, I think it isn’t fair to give dogs electric shocks because dogs have feelings too!??

birthdayca · 4 years ago

pets need to be trained; but not by hurting them!

jigsaw · 4 years ago

Dogs can be sensitive and will just learn to hate pepople if they use them. They should be treated nicly and be rewarded. They need to know that there is fun in life not just pain. There are other ways of teaching them and if you dont know then go to a vets and ask them. Dogs are ment to pe your freind and they wont be that is you hurt them. ?

daisy101 · 4 years ago

How could you want a pet to suffer from one of those nasty collars.Seriously?

mollyboo8 · 4 years ago

I think YES because electric shocks are very dangerous and are so powerful they can easily kill small animals
VERY easily!

lavender08 · 4 years ago


obvs ;):)

milltro22 · 4 years ago

this is not right
if you want to teach your dog to be good you have to physically teach it, not hurt it for nothing. if you are getting a dog you have to be stricter instead of shocking it every time the dog does something wrong

sjaome · 4 years ago

Yes as it is is's cruel to animals

dreamrider · 4 years ago

it can hurt them

jelibean · 4 years ago

No!That will hurt dogs,so we definitely shouldn't put electric collars on them.It is so cruel!All you need to train pets(if you really need to)is patience and lots of treats.

rufuspug · 3 years ago

poor dogs but some people may have uncontrollable dogs.

cocoloco88 · 3 years ago

I THINK THAT IS THE MOST HORRIBLE THING THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD. That have they done to the people who use them even
though they might not behave they will learn more by loving than hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fantastict · 3 years ago

I may have clicked no but actually, YES! It would be very painful for the dogs.

potter123 · 3 years ago

They would bring banned as they are hurting the dogs and it is like dogs putting them on is and it is totally wrong and something needs to be done about it

tintin13 · 3 years ago

I think shock collars should be band because they are hurting pets and you can train a dog

poopoo143 · 3 years ago

I think those collars are extremely cruel to dogs. Imagine if you are a dog!

pizza1 · 3 years ago

It is awfull that animals are treated like that!

zeushades8 · 3 years ago

Imagine if you’re parent put it on you. How would you feel? Animals have emotions too!

catzrule19 · 3 years ago

I really hope they get banned! How would you like it if you had to wear a shock collar?!

hothare84 · 3 years ago

What are they for

mrmilo · 3 years ago


ravens · 3 years ago

yes because all animals need to be free.

bonjour · 3 years ago

That is plain cruel.?

catiebug11 · 3 years ago

Poor, innocent dogssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prince17 · 3 years ago

I think it is cruel

gerbil123 · 3 years ago

Shock collars should be banned because it it cruel and unkind.Some people think that the dogs are uncontrollable and therefore use shock collars on the poor animals. The dog biting is often either puppy biting [the puppy doesn't know what is and isn't ok to bite] , fear biting [the dog is simply scared and is trying to defend its self ] or the dog is just nipping to maybe deter a child who is pulling at a dog's ears, tail or fur. BAN SHOCK COLLARS.

ron · 3 years ago

I think ? it is the worst way to train your dog ?

katietomo1 · 3 years ago

It's cruel because the dog can get seriously scared. WHY were they even invented?!! It's horrible to animals

holholster · 3 years ago

I totally disagree with shock collars not being banned in England, because it punishes dogs in a painful way, when they are probably only puppies learning to become more independent.

sophia6 · 3 years ago

Definitely yes the collars are probably just making the dog just hurt and upset they might also not understand what is going on

sootysweep · 3 years ago

they should be banned because you can't teach pats to be good if you hurt them. they won't want to do anything because they will know if they do something wrong then they will get an electric shock. Also the animal will be in pain and that is not fair!

melon_cow7 · 3 years ago

it hurts animals

mollyboo8 · 3 years ago

yes because it could hurt your dog.

melon_cow7 · 3 years ago

Yes because we can’t always not be told off

lottielove · 2 years ago

YES! That is SO mean I would make sure that they were locked up in line to be SMASHED by a CRUSHING machine 1000 miles away from ANY animals!

trudie · 2 years ago

Personally I think it's bad 👎 for your throat and lungs

katkid10 · 9 months ago

They could really be hurt, but I do agree with arguitar10 only a little.