Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?


9th March 2022

THE world was divided this week by a seemingly silly question – are there more doors or wheels in the world?

Kiwi rugby referee Ryan Nixon asked the question on Twitter, saying he was having the “STUPIDEST debate” with his friends – and received more than 220,000 responses!

It even caused quite the debate among the First News staff.

We want to hear from you! Answer our poll, and be sure to explain your thinking in the comments.


Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?


Leave a Reply · 5 months ago

I think there are more doors, because wherever you live, there's at least one door, whereas not all people have vehicles

haevin · 5 months ago

there would be more wheels as cars have 4 wheels !!

sunnysmilz · 5 months ago

I have 10 doors to rooms in my house but then I have a lot of cupboard doors and things

sunnysmilz · 5 months ago

I think there are more doors

scarlet10 · 5 months ago

more wheels because everyone who lives behind a door will probably either have a bike a car a moncontroll thing for maybe a pushchair

athenakid · 5 months ago

More wheels! For most front doors there are four wheels! Not to mention trains , buses
, coaches and planes !

ojpolls · 5 months ago

For 1 house with a car 4 wheels

penguin. · 5 months ago

There must be more wheels! Although not everyone has vehicles - and basically all houses have doors - the only vehicle I can think of with less than 2 wheels is a unicycle, meaning with the amount of cars and bikes and such there are in the world that amounts to a lot of wheels. Also, look at the Netherlands! They have more bikes than people!!!

ginny09876 · 5 months ago

I think there are more wheels because there are TONS of cars and each car has 4 wheels. There are also a lot of bikes and each bike has 2 wheels. And then there’s lorries, prams, roller skates, skateboards, motorcycles, trucks, vans, 3 wheeled cars, tractors and all of the farming equipment. There are also toys that have wheels. So I definitely think there are more wheels than doors

izzy89 · 5 months ago

I think wheels because there are planes, buses, cars, taxis, bicycles and all the other vehicles. These all have wheels, and more than one, so I think there are more wheels.

puppiesand · 5 months ago

Do they not realise that cars have doors too? And that a house has multiple doors inside? The answer is quite obviously doors.

marthajja · 5 months ago

There are loads of fake wheels on toy cars and there are 4 wheels per car and approximately 2 for each house

bigbiscuit · 5 months ago

Would doors on a car count? I think doors, there may be 4 wheels on a car but lots of doors in a house!

charlieee7 · 5 months ago

There are doors in every building, and almost everyone has a home, whereas not everybody has a car. Schools, workplaces and shops all have doors, as well as dolls houses and lots of toys. Also, for every car (4 wheels) there are usually 4 doors as well.

sailor31 · 5 months ago

4 wheels per car, 5 doors per car (including the boot). buildings have doors but no wheels.
More doors for sure

squeaklady · 5 months ago

doors because we have at least five doors in my house and that's a lot more than four weels.

simb356 · 5 months ago

There are defiantly more doors than wheels since u have a bunch of doors in houses, schools, hotels and loads of other buildings including your home too - can you imagine how many doors they would have on the tallest building in the world (the burj khalifa)? You even have doors on cars, planes, trains and other types of transports! Have you counted how many doors there are in your home and then imagine a similar amount in other peoples homes too and more bigger buildings/towers?

ugoose86 · 5 months ago

4 Wheels (nah) well there is WAY more doors then just "4 wheels"

puzzlepeas · 5 months ago

yo hot dogs how yo doing

superpug27 · 5 months ago

Wheels definitely!
Rocks could be wheels, clocks, tyres, wheels on escalators and in robots.

stingray1 · 5 months ago

Each car has at least 3 wheels so there are probably more wheels although every house should have a door.

zachbuzu · 5 months ago

I think there are more wheels because we never move without wheels.

katkid10 · 5 months ago

Wheels. Your sofa probably has wheels. So do chairs, cupboards/wardrobes, toys (e.g. toy cars), wheelie bins, trains, lorries, buses, those shoes called Heelies (I think), and bed frames.

hairypoter · 5 months ago

i think more wheels cause their are billions of people in the world and millions of them have some kind of vehicle with wheels

minjapanda · 5 months ago

I agree with

potterfan1 · 4 months ago


jabby · 4 months ago

@haevin Cars also have 4 doors 😂

mxm0 · 3 months ago

technically hinges are round things that turn I that's how you classify a wheel so almost every door has at least 2 wheel for it, plus all the other wheels in the world.