Do you think people are too angry online?


17th February 2022

NEW Zealand has launched a campaign to get everyone to calm down a bit.

The country has seen an increase in abuse and online antisocial behaviour, with more complaints in the last seven months than in the previous worst year on record.

That’s why posters have been popping up in cities telling people to think before they post a comment and to generally “dial it down a notch”.

Paul Hunt, from the The Human Rights Commission, which keeps a check on such things, says that stress from the pandemic is a main reason for the increase of abuse. He admits the ‘Dial it Down’ campaign won’t fix the problem, but hopes it will help in some way.

Do you think people are too angry online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Do you think people are too angry online?


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arnolda1 · 6 months ago

I think people are to angry online because nobody knows it’s them and they can rage at people for the sake of it!

robotdog12 · 6 months ago

I think that it isn't good to blame your emotions on other people online. It is not good that people send inappropriate things

cveschi · 6 months ago

Yes, I think that generally people need to calm down a bit on social media. Especially since the pandemic, people have been going on screens more often and posting unnecessary comments.

marthajja · 6 months ago

Yes as I hear people shouting on their phones in restaurants and disturbing other people

scarlet10 · 6 months ago

definitely just relax a bit

dottypop1 · 6 months ago

Some people rage over the slitest things it could be a game, comment or video that just let it out and its mostly for no reason

meowsaurus · 6 months ago

Yes I do because most people who play games can be very can get really angry when they lose · 6 months ago

I think that people can be way angrier online than in person because they feel a lot safer to say what they want because they're not standing next to that person that they are offending.

tj7755 · 6 months ago

I haven't seen any of that online, but maybe it's happened more often since the "trashing" of the Capitol.

tobylerony · 6 months ago

I think that people are too angry online. Spending a long time on a screen can make you stressed, and people take this out on others. Also, some people don’t realise there is a real person behind the screen who has feelings, and they need to stop and think about what they’re saying.

puddingfan · 6 months ago

I think that people think that it is acceptable to be angry and abusive online because they can’t see the reaction of the person. However this is just the same and completely unacceptable

weirdcat · 6 months ago

I don't know really beacuse I'm not really allowed on any social platforms 😟. Did have one "friend" who used to send me angry texts early in the morning on the weekend 🤦🏻‍♀️.

tradcath · 5 months ago

Absolutely. I've seen people say they want to attack politicians like Donald Trump just because they disagree. That's just scary.

jeremyfrog · 5 months ago

Yes, people should calm down a bit and stop ranting all over the place.

stingray1 · 5 months ago

People think you can be horrible online and ok in person but THAT IS NO WAY CORRECT. TREAT PEOPLE ONLINE LIKE YOU WOULD DO IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!