Do you think it’s okay for parents or carers to share images of you heading back to school online?


15th September 2021

A DEBATE has begun around whether parents and carers should share pictures of children heading back to school, after an expert said it could be dangerous.

Dr Jessica Taylor, founder of charity Victim Focus, said that back-to-school pictures can give away lots of crucial information about your location.

She warned that this information could be used by dangerous people. However, lots of people disagreed and said that Dr Taylor was scaremongering (spreading fear).

We want to know what you think! Answer our poll, and leave a comment with your thoughts.


Do you think it’s okay for parents or carers to share images of you heading back to school online?


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blackmamba · 11 months ago

I do not think it is right because it will show were you are and one of the online safety rules is do not show were you are.

kuhuzoo9 · 11 months ago

Sharing on stuff like WhatsApp is Ok but Facebook, etc is not because everyone can see it

marthajja · 11 months ago

I think it is okay as long as your parents check with you to make sure it is okay

ivansp2011 · 11 months ago

It isn't right as it is showing your location ,which is dangerous.

xiangxiang · 11 months ago

No because it will show other bad guys where you are and someone Instagram / Facebook/ Twitter prentneding to be good.

mystery195 · 11 months ago

Any random person could see what school you go to, therefore what country and city you live in. If your parent released their name as well, then any random person could turn up and say: hi i'm so and so's freind and I've come here to pick up her/his daughter/son. If the school didn't check then their son or daughter would go home with someone who they didn't know.

mothstar · 11 months ago

yes only if the parents and you agree

ea-134328 · 11 months ago

No, it is not right even though it's history you can't because it is private

sunnysmilz · 11 months ago

I think it is ok if you blur the background and school badge before you post it so that the location cannot be identified

ameliau · 11 months ago

I voted 'No' but I think it depends because if your children are ok with it being online then I guess it is fine but if they do not want the world to see it then the adults shouldn't post it because the kids want to keep it private. Plus, every child has a right to decide and not to fell intimidated by the adults if they want to post it. NO means NO.

codonnell · 11 months ago

I think it's ok if you don't show where you and you blur out the school logo or wear a plain white shirt but the location and school name and logo gives away too much information. But if you take caution, I think it's fine to post back to school pictures on social media

hogwarts90 · 11 months ago

To be honest, I think it’s ok marginally because if they blur out the school uniform and where they live, it’s absolutely fine, it’s the parents choice if they want their kids faces to be online, however if they do not blur it it’s not ok. Even though I voted yes, when I’m older if I have kids I will not · 11 months ago

I think children should have the choice weather they want their photos online, and if they're not yet old enough to make the choice, photos of them should not be posted.

ojpolls · 10 months ago

It can make. Strangers find you

katkid10 · 10 months ago

I think that it is the parent's decision

ellabeegee · 10 months ago

I’ve never really thought about it, but yes, maybe it isn’t ok, and also maybe the children don’t want themselves all over the internet.

pollardian · 9 months ago

Privacy and safety is very important. My parents take photos of back to school to share with my grandparents via text and just for memories. I think posting pictures of your children at a young age isn't okay as they're too young to understand whether or not they want their face on the internet.

dscool · 8 months ago

Ask for permission before you do post it online