Our free time

Sport, drama, music and other opportunities should be available for us all at the end of the school day, free of charge for families who can’t afford to pay.

We also want more spaces to go to out of school where we can enjoy ourselves with our friends. Young carers need help to make sure they get time just to “be a kid”, too. Our views should be listened to in our communities about what facilities we would like.

Every child and teenager should have a good quality, free or cheap youth club we can go to where we can be safe and take part in things that interest us. This would also help cut down on the number of young people hanging out on the streets and getting into trouble.

We should have adults we can talk to at these youth clubs about any problems we have, to stop them getting worse, and to get us help if we need it.

We should all be close to a green space, so we can feel nature around us. Research shows this helps our mental health and well-being.

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