Online safety

Every child should be able to play and learn online safely. We should be given the knowledge and support to keep us safe online.

We should be protected from seeing, or experiencing, anything harmful online. All online spaces and platforms should have child safety built into them and there should be tools to stop us seeing things we shouldn’t.

Developers should make sure there are ways to stop us becoming addicted to games or other online experiences.

We must be protected from extreme views, scammers and harmful trends that appear online.

We want it to be easy for us to report problems, with things like red flag buttons on platforms, whether this is online bullying, seeing distressing images, or someone trying to find out information about us.

If anything bad does happen to us online, we should get support to deal with it.

Staying safe online

Sky Kids FYI presenter Braydon gives us a few tips on how to stay safe online, and internet expert Ghislaine Bombusa explains what we should avoid doing, and why this is the case.

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