Your Manifesto

We don’t get a vote, but we do get a voice!

The First News Children’s Party is bringing young people together to get our voices heard about the things that matter to us.

Every person under the age of 18 is automatically a member.

The manifesto has been written from data collected by the Children’s Commissioner for England. Over the last few years Dame Rachel de Souza has heard from more than a million children and young people.

It is based, particularly, on the recommendations of The Big Ambition survey in 2024 which heard from 360,000 young people. We have also included the learnings from the offices of the Children’s Commissioners of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is being supported by the Children’s Commissioner for England’s 16 Youth Ambassadors who champion issues that children and young people have said are important to them.

The aim of our manifesto is to call for changes to make all children’s lives better now and in the future. We are the ones who know what a positive childhood could, and should, be – for all children.

Explore the manifesto topics here…

Family Life
Our free time
Jobs and Skills
Social Care
Children seeking asylum
Online Safety
A better world
Safety from crime

Ask a question

Do you have something you would like to ask the Ambassadors? Would you like to ask something about one of the manifesto topics? Send over your questions for the chance to have them answered in First News!