Good physical and mental health is important for us all. We should be helped to have a healthy lifestyle, including being active and having a good diet. We should all have a health check each year to identify any problems early so that we get the help we need.

There should be a school nurse in each school who can help and advise us all, but particularly children at risk of poor health.

We want a mental health hub set up in every local area to give us well-being support. Mental health teams should keep an eye on us in all schools so we can get help if we need it. We all should be supported to feel positive about our bodies and to have high self-esteem.

We want a national fitness plan that helps us to make the right choices about what we eat, how to be active and so we understand more about dangers to our health – such as vaping and smoking.

Mental health care and support for children with disabilities needs to be improved so disabled children have happy childhoods and futures.

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