Family Life

We should all be able to grow up in a stable and loving family which is given the support to enjoy life together. A happy family life is at the centre of our hopes and ambitions for the future. We should get the support we need to have a brilliant start to life.

We want family hubs in every area to support all families and to make sure special attention is given to the needs of disabled children and their families.

All parents should be helped to be the best parent they can be, with information and courses available to them.

None of us should grow up in poverty with all families having enough money for children to have a home, good clothing, to be warm, safe and to eat well.

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Food banks

In this Kidversation, we meet three children –­ Asha, Fayeth and Felix, who all use food banks. We find out their stories and listen to their worries and concerns to help us understand more about the role of food banks in society and family life.

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