A better world

Around 20% of the people in our country are under 18, yet we are 100% of the future. So, the government should listen to our ideas more.

We believe the government can change our lives for the better but they need to listen first to the things we care about.

We want our views on important issues to be reflected in decisions that affect our futures. For example, our environment is a big worry. Pollution needs to be cleaned up, we need action on climate change and the huge biodiversity crisis in Britain has to be repaired. We will hold governments to task on Britain reaching net zero by 2050. We want more and bold action to secure a future where humans and nature live together in balance and harmony.

MPs should hold meetings just for children, to hear what we care about.

We want more opportunities to take part in youth and school councils, youth parliaments, and other local and national groups to make sure our voices are heard and acted upon.

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