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Save Our Wildlife


Save Our Wildlife

Climate change is threatening the survival of many of the animals we share our planet with. So in this programme from Sky Kids and Sky Zero, eight-year-old conservationist Aneeshwar sets out to explore what we can all do to help the natural world to prosper. Along with five friends from around the world, they report on the threats facing African elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, green sea turtles, Monarch butterflies, Atlantic walruses and the UK’s bees.

What can you do?

We want you to help to raise awareness for endangered animals. We are asking you to send in your photos, drawings or paintings of wildlife, and we’ll add these to an online gallery. Ask a parent, guardian or teacher to email in your photos to [email protected].

Want to help Save Our Wildlife? Head over to Sky Zero and WWF’s online activity hub to enjoy fab animal facts, and things to do and make to celebrate the 6 incredible animals from Save Our Wildlife.

Topics: Climate Crisis

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