FYI episode 170



This week on FYI: For Your Info, we have another big conversation on a big issue – a Kidversation. In this special episode we report on the conflict between Israel and Palestine as tensions rise. What happens when two teenagers from both sides of the conflict meet to discuss peace?

COP26: Watch six films by six young climate activists from six different continents, here. The films, made with Sky Kids, deliver a powerful message about how climate change is already having an impact on their lives.

FYI News Club

If you want to have the chance to be an FYI Young Reporter,  send in an idea of a news story you are passionate about. You can also have your say on big issues that affect you. We might ask you to make a report yourself to be featured on FYI and we could even come to you to help you film and write up your story.

Send in your news stories to [email protected] with the subject ‘FYI Young Reporter.’ Don’t forget to tell a parent/guardian so we can contact them!

Young DofE participants and Award holders from across the UK have launched a new fund in memory of the charity’s founder, The Duke of Edinburgh. The Living Legacy Fund will give a million more young people the life changing opportunity to achieve a DofE Award over the next five years, building the self-belief, confidence and skills to feel ready to overcome anything life throws their way.

FYI is a weekly news show presented entirely by kids for kids. It aims to answer your big questions about news, current affairs and politics.

It will also give you the inside scoop on all the news everyone’s talking about in the playground, from entertainment, sport, TV and computer games to what’s trending online.

But that’s not all, FYI hosts Junior Prime Minister’s Questions, where you get to ask the country’s leader your very own questions! You can send us your questions below, and we’ll contact your parent or carer if we’d like to shortlist yours.

How to watch the show

Tune in to FYI on Sky News at 10.30am and 4.30pm every Saturday and 10.30am every Sunday and on Sky Kids platforms. Each new episode will also be here every Tuesday. Why not ask your teacher if you can watch it in school.

Take part in the show

Think of a question you’d like to ask the prime minister, send it to us below and we’ll contact your parent or carer if we’d like to shortlist yours.

You can also ask a question to psychologist Anna Williamson for the What’s On Your Mind section of the show, and send us your suggestions and comments about FYI.

Fill in as many of the question boxes below as you like.


The best way to protect yourself and other people is to Stay Alert. This means you must:

  • Stay at home as much as possible
  • Work from home if you can
  • Limit contact with other people
  • Keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)
  • Wash your hands regularly for the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice
  • Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms

The latest official Government advice about health and travel linked to the coronavirus can be found at:

Worried about something?

If you are worried about anything there are people to help, including:

Helpline: 0800 1111

Carers Trust
Raising awareness of unpaid carers in the UK

Helpline: 0808 802 5544

Youth Access
020 8772 9900

Become (help for children in care)
0800 023 2033

Runaway Helpline
Helpline: 116 000
Email: [email protected]

Winston’s Wish (for children coping with bereavement)
Helpline: 08088 020 021
Email: [email protected]

National Grief Awareness Week
2-8 December 2020

Tips for spotting ‘Fake News’!

Following the FYI report about Fake News, we’ve rundown just what you need to look out for to steer clear of Fake News.

  1. Is the news source or site trustworthy?
  2. Can you find the story on other news sites you trust?
  3. Who is the author? Are they a known and reliable journalist?
  4. Does the writer list their sources?
  5. Does the story justify the headline? Or, is it misrepresenting the actual story?
  6. Don’t be fooled by a joke!
  7. Check the facts in the article.
  8. Remember, pictures – and even videos – can lie too.
  9. And, you can’t always trust search engines (or friends!)

Want to be a professional fake news spotter? Check out these pages from First News’ Fake News special by clicking HERE!