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Why Do We Vote? A Fun Guide to Elections

Have you ever wondered why some people get so excited about voting and elections? With the general election announced for 4 July, let’s dive into the world of voting and discover why it’s such a big deal!

Imagine you’re deciding which snacks to choose for a sleepover night with your friends. Do you go for Doritos, M&Ms or Haribo? One way to decide might be to vote. Everyone gets to say what they want, and the snack with the most votes wins. Voting in elections is kind of like that, but for big decisions that affect everyone in a town, city, or even a whole country – like how much funding schools and hospitals get and which new laws will be introduced.

Why Do We Vote?

Making Choices Together: Just like choosing a snack, voting helps us make decisions together as a group. We vote forleaders in our community, or MPs (Members of Parliament), who will make important choices for our community and country.

Having a Say: Voting gives you and your parents a chance to have their voice heard. When you grow up, your vote will be your way of saying what you think is best for your community, school, or country.

Fairness: Voting is a fair way to decide things. Everyone gets one vote, and everyone’s vote counts the same. It’s a way to make sure that decisions are made by the people, for the people.

Shaping the Future: The leaders we choose make decisions that shape our future. They decide on things like education, policing and safety, and how to protect our environment. By voting, we help pick the people who we think will make our world a better place.

How Do Elections Work?

Before an election, candidates (the people who want to be leaders) share their ideas and plans. They might give speeches, debate on TV, and talk to people to explain why they should be chosen. On election day, people go to polling stations, set up in different community buildings close to where they live (your school could be one of them!), mark their choices on a ballot paper listing the candidates, and then the votes are counted to see who wins.

So, whenever you hear about an election, you’ll know it’s all about making choices, being fair, and building a bright future together! On the 4th July, you may be holding a mock election at school, but remember, once you’re eighteen you’ll be able to get #BallotBound and cast your own real vote too!

By Matteo Bergamini MBE – Founder and CEO of Shout Out UK

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