BCC Young Entrepreneurs

CALLING all young entrepreneurs! First News has teamed up with the British Chambers of Commerce to find the business leaders of the future. And that could be you!

WE know that you’re full of amazing ideas, and that’s why we’ve joined forces with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to find four inspiring young entrepreneurs. Some of you could be the greatest innovators in the UK – you just might not know it yet!

📣 ALERT! We have extended the competition deadline to 14 June. Get your ideas in before it’s too late! 📣 

How do I enter?

Tell us about your business idea or innovation in no more than 200 words. We’re looking for entries in four categories:

  • A greener planet
  • Jobs and skills
  • Online safety
  • Local life

Do you have a business idea or innovation that could fit into one of these?

The Prize

The four lucky winners will get to go to the British Chambers of Commerce’s Global Annual Conference, where they’ll meet a senior Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet minister and share their ideas. They’ll also get to write a report in First News and take a tour of the House of Commons.

Please note, the winners will need to be available in London on 27 June 2024, so they may need approval from their school. They will also need to attend with an adult. Travel expenses are included.

UPDATE: The prize has now been updated due to the 27th June falling within the election period. We will now be inviting the winners to a House of Commons tour in September to showcase their innovations.

We want to hear your business ideas…

We’d like your ideas for creating a better, cleaner world. This could include tackling household waste or air pollution, supporting the UK’s biodiversity or encouraging people to walk, wheel or cycle more.

Jobs in the future could be very different, so how can young people get the knowledge they need to succeed? How can you give them more info about apprenticeships or careers? Or do they need a new skill, app or service to help?

Are you bursting with ideas for how the Government and web companies can keep people safe and protected online? Would AI tools help to warn people about harmful content? Or would online classes help people more?

How can we support people near you? What sort of businesses, projects or new facilities would make a difference? If you can get people to work together, your community will be happier and healthier!

Entry Form

Entries should be in by Friday 14th June.

Please get a parent/guardian or teacher to fill out this form.

We are only collecting your email address, address and phone number with the intent of contacting you in the event you win the competition. After the competition, we will remove this data.