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FYI: Weekly News Show not only puts kids in the know, but also gives them a platform on which they can be heard. With reports from across the globe, explainers, debates, Fake News or Fact alerts and in-depth reporting, we also get big name interviews – from world leaders to pop and film stars.

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FYI episode 254

We meet best friends Hughie and Freddie who’ve raised thousands of pounds to help kids in hospital.

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FYI episode 252

We report on how the Government is taking action to prevent kids from vaping by banning disposable vapes.


FYI episode 248

We’ve got tips on how to beat the winter blues. Also, take part in The Big Ambition Survey at


FYI episode 244

We speak to the Government's Chief Medical Adviser, Chris Whitty, about vaping. If you want your say in the Government's vaping consultation, head to