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First News is putting together a BIG book special – and we want YOUR recommendations! 

Everyone knows that First News readers have a GREAT taste in books, which is exactly why we’re coming to you lot for summer reading recommendations.

We need you to write us a little recommendation of your favourite book to read in the sun.

It can be anything, as long as you feel like it’s a good book to read on the beach – or maybe while floating on a lilo (while being very careful not to get it wet!)

We’ll need one or two paragraphs from you, should you want to get your recommendation in the paper, and you’ve got to remember that First News is for a lot of ages, so make sure the book is suitable!

If you want to send us your recommendation and be mentioned in the paper with your real name, and a photo of yourself – send us around 100 words, a picture of yourself (possibly with the book you’re recommending) and your real name/school to:

Make sure you get your parent’s permission too!

Alternatively, just comment your recommendation below – but no real names or you won’t be chosen!

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oceangirl · 2 weeks ago

My book is Ruby Redfort by Lauren child please

oceangirl · 2 weeks ago

First to comment

liyah16 · 1 week ago

mind games by terri terry

sprinkle10 · 1 week ago

My favourite book to read in the sun is Hetty Feather books because I find she's very adventurous and kind, though I love how she says what's on her mind I sometimes wish she doesn't. Jacqueline Wilson is the author of this amazing book. I love all of her books because they give such vivid descriptions of the characters. Her description is the mostly fairly balanced and does not give to much detail about scenery, characters and emotions. I would love to write books for a living just like Jacqueline because I enjoy writing and drawing.

please pick me. I love first news and am pleased that the first news team is allowing us to be involved in such a tremendous chance to be noticed

bobfm · 1 week ago

I would love to review Percy Jackson

poo · 1 week ago

The Alex rider series

kawaiigirl · 1 week ago

I think we should do Wonder

fridayfun9 · 6 days ago

My book is splash