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WATCH: Your chance to go down in history – find out about the TCS Digital Innovators award here!

TCS Digital Innovators

The greatest inventions change the world and go down in history. So do the inventors who dared to dream of them – and with the TCS Digital Innovators Award, you could be one of those inventors!

From American businessman Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb, to the Scottish-born scientist Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, inventions are all around us, and where would we be without them?

Now it’s your chance to go down in history! First News has teamed up with TCS for an amazing innovation competition.

TCS has been behind some of the world’s greatest innovations in recent years and has been leading the way in a world where the future is arriving faster than the speed of thought!

We are looking for the Young Digital Innovator 2018. That’s imagination and engineering combined!

We’re asking you to come up with an idea that could change the world. Let your imagination go wild, but also think about how your idea could actually work. It might be a robot, it might be a new technology using computational thinking.

Whatever it is, think of a problem and come up with a solution to solve it!


All you have to do is draw your invention, explain how it would work and give it a memorable name. Then send it in to us at:

Young Digital Innovator Competition,
First News,
First Floor,
58 Southwark Bridge Road,
SE1 0AS.

Or email it to with INNOVATOR in the subject box.

Please remember to include your name, age and contact details. If you’re a school, please include the teacher’s name and contact details.

The closing date has been extended! The competition will now close on the 23 November 2018.



In partnership with Tata Consultancy Services


We have some amazing prizes up for grabs!

There will be four winners in two age groups: one class winner and one individual winner per age group.

Class winners will get five shiny tablets for them and their classmates.

Individual winners will get their very own laptop.

Other prizes include a First News subscription, a sleepover in the Science Museum or a VIP experience in its IMAX cinema.

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bigbouille · 1 year ago

First to comment!
Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation!
Anyway, I'm am already busy thinking of all the things I could invent!
Good luck everyone!

redpikachu · 1 year ago


skyangel · 1 year ago

I'm first! Have an idea what to do but I'm not sure how it will help us.

sprinkle10 · 1 year ago

This looks really fun and awesome good luck everyone

julby · 1 year ago

This seems good

lavender08 · 1 year ago

So going to enter! ;) :)

redted13 · 1 year ago

can,t wait for competition to launch already got idea

good luck everyone

Leeandari · 1 year ago

I really want to win because i love Tim Peake and really want to win!!!!! The prizes are awsome!!!!!

Leeandari · 1 year ago

I once got a book out of the locle library all about ideas and inventions a few years ago..........

Leeandari · 1 year ago

Comment the word 'love' if your subscribed to first news

xbox9 · 12 months ago


me and my class are entering this.
hope you like our invention


xbox9 · 12 months ago

thanks first news


con-con · 12 months ago

I have 2 ideas I don’t no which one to do

sprinkle10 · 12 months ago

So amazing I love this
Tech is my jam and I wanna make it shine

hermione9 · 11 months ago

Good luck everyone!

indigofoxt · 10 months ago

I’m applying so excited read about this at school!?

skyangel · 10 months ago

I love this ssssssssoooooooooo much! ??

pic · 10 months ago

Intresting! I like to be a member!

sparrow223 · 10 months ago

When is the draw date?

scottyg123 · 9 months ago

13th December