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CALLING ALL YOUNG INNOVATORS! Enter the Young Digital Innovator of the Year Competition HERE!

TCS Digital Innovators

Your generation will help evolve the world around you with new ideas that bring the next big things into reality – things that will help, entertain and maybe even save people’s lives.


Here’s a chance for you to show today’s adults what your generation is made of – and show them that the future is in good hands. We are proud to present our Young Digital Innovator of the Year competition!

An innovator is someone who thinks up new inventions or concepts to solve problems. The greatest inventions change the world and go down in history. And so do the inventors who dared to dream of them! From Scottish-born scientist Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, to British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, to Dorothy Arzner, who invented boom microphones for film and TV, inventors change the way we do things. Where would we be without them and their innovations?


We’re looking for 2019’s Young Digital Innovator – and this year, we’ve kicked the competition up a notch!

Digital innovation has changed the world and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. In fact, in some ways it’s already transported us into a sci-fi vision of the future. Drones? Check! Driverless cars? Check! Robots? Check! Artificial intelligence? Check!

We’re living in an exciting digital age, where technology has already changed the way we talk, socialise, learn and live.

But technology isn’t just about cool gadgets and gizmos – it’s changed the way we help people all over the world, be that in the fields of medicine, charity or government. Digital technology allows us to make huge changes for the better.

Your mission is to find a problem and solve it with your innovation. That’s the idea behind the Young Digital Innovator of the Year competition, which we are running with our friends at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a company behind some pretty cool innovations.


For this year’s competition, TCS and First News are asking young people to come up with an invention that can help older people live safer, happier and healthier lives.


Ageing happens to us all. As we grow older, our bodies change and some things we took for granted can get harder or become impossible to do. No doubt you’ve seen these changes in your grandparents or family friends.

We want you to get your thinking caps on and come up with a new innovation that could help elderly people. It will need to have a digital element. It might be a robot to help them around the house and keep them company, or a new design for a walking stick, or a wheelchair that’s hooked up to a TV! The limit is your imagination – you’re the innovator, remember!

1. Start by thinking about a problem that an elderly person might face.

2. Come up with an innovation to solve it. Let your imagination go wild, but also think about how your idea could actually work.

3. Make sure your innovation has a digital element. It could connect to an app, website or computer, or your innovation could be an app or website.



If you win our Young Digital Innovator of the Year competition, not only will you hold that prestigious title for a whole year, but you’ll get your mitts on your very own MacBook laptop PLUS a 3D printer for your school!

Big-time stuff for big-time brains!


But to get your hands on that lot, first you need to get your innovation through this lot!

Our judging panel includes First News editor in chief Nicky Cox (right) and Cassie Williams from the Royal Institution among others.


All you have to do is draw and annotate your idea, explain how it would work, and give it a memorable name that will catch the eyes of our judging panel. Then send it to us at:

Young Digital Innovator of the Year Competition,

First News, 7 Playhouse Court,
62 Southwark Bridge Road,

London, SE1 0AT

Or email it to with INNOVATOR 2019 in the subject box.

Please remember to include your name, age (you must be under 16) and contact details. If you’re working on it in class, please include the teacher’s name and contact details. The closing date is 29 November 2019.


  • Innovations are about solving problems, so identify a real-life problem that the elderly might be facing and solve it with your invention.
  • A great innovation needs a great name – something that looks good written down and rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Why not do some real research by talking to elderly people in your family or community? Find out what real-life problems they are facing and discuss solutions together.
  • Has anyone done it before? Do some research online. See what other innovations are already out there supporting the elderly. By seeing what’s been done, you might spot something that’s missing.

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