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  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    DAD AND DAUGHTER CHEERLEADERS: These two have teamed up!

    A DAD who used to be a professional cheerleader has been showing his four-year-old daughter… View More

  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    WORKING TOGETHER: The African immigrants working to feed Italy

    IN 2011, lots of African immigrants, who were being treated poorly as fruit pickers, came… View More

  • First News Isolation Station 8th April 2020

    Looking for some hope? Sabeh has written an incredible poem

    Throughout the bitter darkness of this pandemic, we have managed to muster courage and stay… View More

  • Happy News 8th April 2020

    STREET SURPRISE: The whole street came out to sing Happy Birthday!

    A STREET under lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has come together to sing happy… View More

  • Happy News 8th April 2020

    PEN PALS AGAINST THE ODDS: Despite everything, these two write letters to each other

    A BOY from a London suburb and a girl from war-torn Yemen have managed to… View More

  • Happy News 7th April 2020

    SOCIAL-DISTANCING DINOS: This town put on a dinosaur parade!

    AN American town is beating the social-distancing blues in the most ridiculous and wonderful way… View More

  • Happy News 2nd April 2020

    YOUNG AT HEART! Elders play real-life Hungry Hungry Hippos

    WE’RE all going to be stuck at home for a little while and it’s easy… View More

  • Happy News 2nd April 2020

    TOOTH FAIRY EXEMPT: The tooth fairy has been made an ‘essential worker’ in Argentina!

    ACROSS the world, lockdowns are being put in place to stop the spread of the… View More

  • Happy News 2nd April 2020

    LOVE BEYOND BORDERS: Even with quarantine, these two still see each other!

    A COUPLE in their 80s have been keeping in touch by meeting on either side… View More

  • Happy News 2nd April 2020

    PRINT YOUR OWN HOME: New 3D printed houses appear in Mexico

    A PIONEERING charity is building the first 3D-printed neighbourhood in Mexico. News Story has already… View More