Positivity Place

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    SUN-POWERED: Germany had its best week of solar power ever!

    ALMOST a quarter of the energy used by Germany came from solar power during the… View More

  • Happy News 22nd April 2020

    PETS AT HOME: All the pets at this animal shelter have been adopted!

    FOR the first time in the history of the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter,… View More

  • Happy News 16th April 2020

    HERO WALKER: A 99-year-old war veteran has raised millions for charity!

    CAPTAIN Tom Moore aimed to raise £1,000 for NHS charities, but at the time of… View More

  • Happy News 15th April 2020

    SUPERHERO BOY: This fan of heroes has become one himself!

    A BOY who loves a TV show about superheroes has become one himself. Fourteen-year-old Haruto… View More

  • Happy News 14th April 2020

    BLUE SKIES: Air pollution has dropped to record-low levels in India

    THE coronavirus outbreak has meant that there are no cars on the roads or factories… View More

  • Happy News 14th April 2020

    BEAR WITH IT: These two teddies are keeping a street entertained!

    TWO cheeky locals in Stockport are spending all day outside. But don’t worry, they’re not… View More

  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    DAD AND DAUGHTER CHEERLEADERS: These two have teamed up!

    A DAD who used to be a professional cheerleader has been showing his four-year-old daughter… View More

  • Happy News 10th April 2020

    WORKING TOGETHER: The African immigrants working to feed Italy

    IN 2011, lots of African immigrants, who were being treated poorly as fruit pickers, came… View More

  • First News Isolation Station 8th April 2020

    Looking for some hope? Sabeh has written an incredible poem

    Throughout the bitter darkness of this pandemic, we have managed to muster courage and stay… View More