Are you eating less meat than a year ago?


20th September 2019

MEAT has been a hot topic lately – often when scientists, doctors or campaigners have called for us to eat less of it, either for health or environmental reasons. Will cutting down on meat really help to save the planet? Or make us healthier? Is it really that simple? Well, the simple answer is that, erm, no, it’s not that simple and it depends what the meat is, how it was raised and who’s eating it.

The vast majority of scientists and health organisations agree that in Western countries like the UK and US we eat too much protein – maybe up to 100% too much. Now, although eating too much isn’t necessarily a problem, it depends where you’re getting that protein from. If you’re eating a ton of fatty meat, that also means you’ll be getting a lot of saturated fat in your diet, but it could also mean that you’re not getting a wide enough variety of plant protein in your diet and missing out on some vitamins and minerals.

So who’s saying that we need to cut down? An awful lot of people: the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the US government, the World Resources Institute, the Food Climate Research Network, Greenpeace, WWF, the Sustainable Food Trust, plus the huge number of scientific articles backing them all up.

The important thing to say is that not a single one of those has said that we all have to give up meat and go vegan or vegetarian (which we’re going to cover in an upcoming issue). What they all say is that meat can be part of a healthy and sustainable diet, but that we need to eat less of it, especially processed meat (such as ham, bacon and sausages) and red meat (beef, lamb, pork). The message that most scientists want to get across is that eating a wide variety of plant-based foods, with some meat, fish and dairy, is going to be good for you.

What we want to know is, do you think you eat less meat now than you did a year ago?

Are you eating less meat than a year ago?


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asbml · 1 year ago

Yes. I actually am! I was aware of the environment and its changes so I helped a little bit.
Like Tescos say, ' Every Little Helps'!! 😉😊

marla_cat · 1 year ago

I am definitely eating less meat because i went vegan :)

omangion · 1 year ago

I eat the same amount of meat as last year.

plane · 1 year ago

I am a vegetarian and there are lots of tasty foods. There's actually no need to eat meat and fish; it's bad for the environment.

littlecute · 1 year ago

My family has started do to meat free Mondays and we get to try new food that we wouldn't have eat before.

123cake · 1 year ago

I don't eat meat

asbml · 1 year ago

Now I eat this substitute meat occasionally. It is quite healthy actually and tastes really nice .
You should consider, 'Quorn'. They make delicious substitute meat + fish.

5honypony · 1 year ago

First to comment!

emeve · 1 year ago

No because even though there has been a lot more about the climate and how it's damaging the environment, I really love meat but I have been eating more vegetables so maybe I have...

emeve · 1 year ago

Also over-farming is also a huge problem so yes we should cut down on meat but we should think about that as well.

orb · 1 year ago

i am to

12ah · 1 year ago

Im becoming vegetarian

jesusrules · 1 year ago

I have as i am a flexetarian (i mainly am a vegetarian). cows are bad for the environment and substitutes like quorn are better. I still eat fish however i try not to eat red meat.

hermionemw · 1 year ago

No and yes because I have never in my life eaten meat ; )

vvvv · 1 year ago

I am a vegetarian at school now because I despise killing animals, and when I was offered a vegetable or pepperoni pizza I chose vegetarian because it is better.

kingdino1 · 1 year ago

I’m gonna eat less meat now#every little helps!😆

lottielove · 1 year ago

One more vote for yes then it's a tie. Anyway, I have started eating less meat than last year but only because I don't eat pork anymore. LOL! I can't remember how many times I have eaten meat for dinner so I wouldn't know if I hadn't stopped eat pork anyway.

lottielove · 1 year ago

I put yes tho.

lottielove · 1 year ago

Marla_cat do you mean vegetarian?

5honypony · 1 year ago

Yes, I am, and so is all of my family!!

amo · 1 year ago

Im not , i feel bad because i know that it would be better if i did but meat is just sooooooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!

sciencycat · 1 year ago

I am definitely eating less meat than a year ago. I still eat some meat but not as much.

lindawalla · 11 months ago

Yes I am... since I read this article in First News a couple years ago anyway!

nevada · 11 months ago

I don’t eat meat anyway

nevada · 11 months ago

Good job to any of you guys who went vegan I home your doing well (:

pengwin325 · 10 months ago

i eat meat but i wouldn't mind turning vegetarian or do vegetarian Monday-Friday and meat on the weekends. i wouldn't be able to turn vegan though, i eat meat nearly every day!
the only thing i don't like is people turning vegetarian for no reason except everyone else is (i understand those who are vegan/vegetarian for environment) and then they turn to Quorn!

fnlover123 · 10 months ago

I think its cruel that we are eating living things! Some animals are just kept in cages, to be killed when the time comes! How would you feel if it were you!?

katkid10 · 7 months ago

I don't know, but I think we are eating more, my Dad's recipes normally have meat in...