Take a crack at Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Ideas Competition!

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26th January 2021

SINCE 1989, Wallace and his canine companion, Gromit have been coming up with all kinds of imaginative ways to make life better.

Now it’s your turn to have a go at reinventing an everyday object to make it even better than before. Come up with a Cracking Idea that helps get boring jobs done quicker and better, so that you can sit back in your favourite armchair, just like Wallace! Then enter your Cracking Idea into our competition to win a fantastic selection of prizes.

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Wallace and Gromit’s Winning Tips

Remember if you’re going to get value from your ideas, they’ll need protecting.

First, your product needs protecting with a Patent, so nobody can claim they came up with it first. It could be a gadget or gizmo, mechanism or machine.

Don’t forget to apply for a Trade Mark too, so your product name, and logo stand out from all the rest.

You can register a Design so it looks different, maybe it’s long and thin or short and square, or maybe it has a pattern with pink spots on or even blue bananas.

Finally, Copyright can protect the creativity behind your ideas. Copyright is an automatic right and protects original (or new) work. That could be music, an image or advert for your product.

How to get started

WATCH: Go to crackingideas.com to learn more about the competition, or our YouTube channel IPO Education for our hints and tips playlist: ow.ly/1dlr50DddFP

RESEARCH: What in your everyday life could you improve for the future generation? Think about your journey to school. How do you get there? How do you eat your breakfast? What objects do you use and how could you make them better?

DESIGN: Now it’s time to design your new and improved object, your cracking idea! Think about what it does, what it sounds like and what it’s called. So, grab some scrap paper and get sketching!

ENTER: Get your Cracking ideas down on the entry form, downloadable from the link below. Don’t forget to name it, create a logo, identify the intellectual property – and put down your parents name, their contact details as well as your name!

Be sure to get your entry to us by 21 May 2021 by emailing [email protected] or via freepost to: Cracking Ideas, Freepost CF 4185, Newport, NP10 1BF



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sweetie091 · 4 months ago

I LOVE Wallace and Gromit. I loved it when they ate moon rock. (But they thought it was cheese!)

sweetie091 · 3 months ago

I probably won't get round to doing it today, it is Mother's day after all.

bus1 · 2 weeks ago

I've sent mine off by post.