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11th October 2019

THE results are in and it’s time to reveal the winner for this year’s STABILO Young Journalist of the Year. Drum roll please… it’s Samuel Canlett!

Samuel wrote a very touching piece about a local initiative, the Walsall Against Single Use Plastic (W.A.S.U.P.) scheme to fight plastic pollution.

“It was wonderful to find out I had won the competition,” he said. “I feel over the moon and I can’t wait to see my article published.”

The talent of our young journalists delights the judges every year, making it very difficult to choose a winner! Samuel will receive a STABILO prize bundle of goodies for everyone in his class!

Check out Samuel’s winning column:

“W.A.S.U.P (Walsall against Single Use Plastic) is a recently launched project to stop single use plastic getting into the ocean and affecting marine life and our health. The project was founded by professor Gatrad, a consultant paediatrician at the Manor Hospital in Walsall, on the 23rd of January 2019. As part of the project, this summer, 34 schools in Walsall, in the West Midlands, took part in making different models from plastic and other waste materials to display at Walsall college. The aim of this exhibition was to educate the public that it is important to reduce single use plastic in our everyday lives to protect the environment for future generations.

The exhibition was free of charge on the sixth and eighth of July from 10am-2pm. Each of the schools designed and constructed their model, examples included dolphins, palm trees, a whale’s tail, Terry the turtle and Alumwell Infant School’s marvellous octopus. The children also displayed some pieces of writing that explained how they made the models and highlighted the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

The following items are dangerous to our planet: plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic bags and even wet wipes.

If you can swap to these items below you can help save the planet.

  • Straws: edible, metal, glass or paper.
  • Drink containers: reusable bottles and paper cups.
  • Bags: your own reusable bags
  • Wipes: tissue paper.

For more information visit:



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Well done i thought judging was on the 7th though?

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shame i don't have you writing in my newspaper!

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Great column, I wish I could make a column that good

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I don’t mean to be negative but that was quite biased

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Hope we win the big game again soon

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Congratulations on an impressive piece of writing, Finlay. Your article was excellent. However, we have some feedback for the judges: we're disappointed that the prize wasn't awarded for a more challenging subject. (There were many in the runners-up list). We feel that the best journalism challenges and enlightens readers (as nearly all the FN reports do - that's why we like it; it makes us think), and offers the opportunity to reflect on important issues. This increasingly important side of journalism seemed to be missing in the winning article.

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congratulations Finlay

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Good for u

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kingdino1 · 9 months ago

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

I like the writing and well done!!! 👍📝🤩😀

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The prize was £1000/50KG of stationary

BTW its Samuel finlay was 2018