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19th October 2018

AFTER a challenging month of judging, the winner of STABILO Young Journalist of the Year has finally been revealed… Congratulations Finlay Anderson!

Finlay wrote an incredibly exciting piece about England’s first game at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. His article successfully conveyed the emotion and football fever that gripped the nation, as well as incorporating factual details of the game, thus creating an extremely engaging read.

“When my parents told me that had won, I was ecstatic as I dream of becoming a sports journalist when I am older! I am very proud of what I have done as it gives me more experience in the world of journalism. For the past six years, I have been writing match reports for my local football team, Sunderland. I have interviewed many journalists around my local area and they have given me tips on becoming better in penning my reports. Earlier this year, I even started writing blogs in my local newspaper circulated around the Sunderland matches.  This season, I am writing a regular match day programme column for Sunderland, which they are going to feature for all of their home games.”

Also, big congratulations to the competition’s other finalists:

– Annalise Demetriou, age 10, topic: Embarrassing Dads
– Josie Green, age 11, topic: Palm oil
– Milla Smith, age 11, topic: Suffragettes
– Jaipal Kaur Uppal, age 12, topic: Beauty pageants and discrimination
– Sophie Flax, age 9, topic: Going to Mars
– Jemima Batten, age 11, topic: Aspergers Syndrome
– Lucca Peel-Yates, age 12, topic: Plastic
– Anya Kulkarni, age 10, topic: Syrian civil war

The talent of our young journalists excites the judges every year, making it very difficult to whittle it down to a final nine! All finalists will receive a STABILO prize bundle and our lucky winner Finlay will be receiving a fantastic bundle of STABILO goodies worth £1,000 for everyone in his class!

Check out Finlay’s winning column:

“England claimed an opening game victory over Tunisa at the Volgograd Arena.

After a few half chances for the Three Lions, the dominant side struck the first blow when Kane profited from a great save that was pushed away after Harry Maguire’s header. The whole of England erupted in one moment as it was looking to be the start of something great.

This was until the referee deemed that Kyle Walker’s arm hit Ben Youssef’s face intentionally inside the penalty area while he was attempting to shield the ball from his opponent. Apparently a clear penalty according to the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) as they didn’t approach the referee to check his original decision. A lifeline for Tunisa just after 30 minutes! Could Pickford product a historic moment?

Well, that historic moment wasn’t meant to be as Ferjani Sassi converted the spot-kick to place the match back on level terms to score his fourth international goal and the first real one on a big stage like this.

England has two big shouts for a penalty when Harry Kane was wrestled to the floor on both occasions, but the referee waved these claims away. Annoyingly for England supporters in the ground and at home, even VAR didn’t see anything wrong with them, which brings up the claims for why the system was put in place for the tournament is it wasn’t going to be used correctly.

Leading into the finale, the whole of England was hoping almost praying for an England winner and they got just that in the 90+1 minute. Kane nodded the ball home to give England an opening game victory for the first time since the 2006 World Cup.

The celebrations from England in Russia and at home went well into the night and Tuesday morning!”



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Congratulations Finlay. Your piece of writing was great you deserved the prize:-)

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CONGRATS finlay anderson u totally deserve the prize. your amazing!!!!!

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Well done i thought judging was on the 7th though?

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Great column, I wish I could make a column that good

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I don’t mean to be negative but that was quite biased

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Hope we win the big game again soon

willo · 7 months ago

Congratulations on an impressive piece of writing, Finlay. Your article was excellent. However, we have some feedback for the judges: we're disappointed that the prize wasn't awarded for a more challenging subject. (There were many in the runners-up list). We feel that the best journalism challenges and enlightens readers (as nearly all the FN reports do - that's why we like it; it makes us think), and offers the opportunity to reflect on important issues. This increasingly important side of journalism seemed to be missing in the winning article.

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lilywpink · 7 months ago

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