Download the winning design of the 2020 STABILO Christmas Card competition!

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11th December 2020

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STABILO’s annual Christmas card competition has been as popular as ever! All the festive illustrations and messages were an absolute pleasure to read, so thank you to everyone that entered.

And the winner is…

Last year we had the punny ‘rapping paper’ and ‘Mistle-toad’ winner and, after lots of discussion, the winning design for 2020 is this colourful and intricately detailed card featuring a Christmas on Zoom, masterly created by Truly McIntosh, aged 12 from Lincolnshire.

We think that Truly’s design truly captured what Christmas might look like this year! Congratulations, Truly!

Print off Truly’s winning design!

Print off Truly’s design, then personalise it so that you can send it out to as many friends and family as you would like to. Spread the festive cheer with this amazing Christmas card! Save the image below to your computer, and then hit print (check your printer settings first to make sure you don’t waste any paper)! 




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ninjahorse · 6 months ago

WOW! Brill art, Truly! This is exactly what I did with my nan, grandad and cousins! You have captured what 2020 was like 👍🏼👍🏼🖤

loveart · 6 months ago

Well done 👏🥳
Happy new year to everyone as well 😀❤️

norataha · 5 months ago

Great design :)

breakfast · 5 months ago


gwsa2601 · 5 months ago

I am not that good at art but today I Made a like Border collie and sheep round the outside And two flowers at the top on a Piece of card That had a Shield On it (i drew in the shield!) Reply if you think it was good!!!!!!!+

jiakb · 4 months ago

Well Done 👏 happy New Year 🥳 everyone
Truly BRILLIANT art 🖼

skylight10 · 4 months ago

i love the two people pulling a cracker BRILLIANT!!

donut1010 · 4 months ago

Amazing 🌈

[email protected] · 4 months ago

I ♥️ 📱s

opalbarnet · 4 months ago

wow thats so cool!

cat55 · 2 months ago