You might have heard about the General Election that’s happening on Thursday 12 December. But why are people voting? Who for? And who can vote?

A general election is how we choose a government to run the country. Normally, these national votes are held every five years, but this will be the third general election since 2015.

This election is happening because of Brexit. The UK voted to leave the EU as a result of the 2016 Referendum, but that has still not happened because politicians have not been able to agree on exactly how to do it. Some of them want to leave, some want a new referendum – and some want to cancel Brexit altogether. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes this election will give him more MPs who support his Brexit plan.

Normally general elections are about issues such as the NHS, the economy and the environment – but this time everyone’s talking about Brexit.

On Thursday 12 December, the nation will go to the polls in the General Election to vote for a new Government. You have to be 18 to vote.

But, although you don’t get a vote, you do get a voice in the First News Junior General Election.


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