DON’T MISS FNQ – OUR LIVE QUIZ GAME: A weekly quiz full of current affairs questions!


INTRODUCING FNQ! From the makers of First News comes FNQ, a weekly quiz game that’s full of fun questions on current affairs!

PLAY ON SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY AT 5PM.  We’ll test you on your knowledge of what’s going on in the world. Every game will have five questions – all of them coming from the most recent edition of First News, the UK’s award-winning newspaper for young people.

Every question answered correctly will earn you points. Get all right, and you’ll be awarded loads of points! Once you’ve earned enough – you can exchange those points for Amazon vouchers! Plus, even if you’re knocked out early, you could still win with a BONUS PRIZE! These won’t be available every week, make sure don’t miss out.

For full terms and conditions, along with an FNQ FAQ, head to

Download for Android:

Download for iOS:


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frogo45 · 11 months ago

Is this app any good before I download it?

safisuh · 10 months ago

When do you know if you won?

zebra10 · 10 months ago

My mum isn't getting the email

Anette Dahyaraj · 10 months ago


koya__2019 · 10 months ago

@frogo45 i agree. Is the app trust-worthy enough?

sao · 10 months ago

umm zebra10 has your mum still not got an email

sao · 10 months ago

cos i wanna know if this app is good

trexirex · 10 months ago

We volunteered right at the beginning. Have never been about to get into said app. Maybe because there's a symbol unrecognised in used name, we've asked for help and got none.
So we have gone from doing the questions from the back of the paper every week just for fun and to check we read it and now not being able to even do that and don't do anything.
Can't you still print them or some in the paper ?
Can you sort out why we can't get into and use the app?
Either / or/ both ?

First News Aaron · 10 months ago

Hey trexirex, what's your FNQ Username? We'll try and figure out what's going on!

lwag · 9 months ago

Is it any good


gamer07 · 9 months ago

This app is good but set a timer 10 mins before you play

gamer07 · 9 months ago

Ok, just started playing and burned through all my extra lives because it refused to load.

Does anyone know why??

rambabu · 9 months ago

I can't login

aeroplane · 8 months ago

Dear First News,
My grandmother and I play FNQ every Sunday.
After every game, it comes up saying CONGRATS!
However, it just says check back soon and says I am like in position 972. We also aren't getting the prizes.
Do you know what we can do because of this problem?

emmapower · 8 months ago

Hi first news
I haven’t downloaded the app yet but I have a question. How do you know if you’ve won and how do you win?

Hi guys
Hi gamer07 why would you set a timer beforehand? Anyway,do you suggest that
I should get the game? Have you ever won a prize? Good luck for future quizzes!!???

ellafidd · 8 months ago

its sought of good becuse it doesnt give you long enough to answer the questions and as it is the newest copy it gets given out on friday and you get tested on it so you dont have long enough too learn or read all of first news

bunnygamer · 8 months ago

Would you be able to do this on a computer please?

rights123 · 7 months ago

This app is cool

icool · 6 months ago

Hi everyone,
I’ve just got the app and it’ll be my first time playing tonight .does anyone know where you watch the videos to answer the question?
If anyone knows where please comment below and tell me it’ll be a big thanks a lot and got luck to everyone!😄

flute123 · 6 months ago

Is the app good? What do u use it for?

kidgamer · 6 months ago

For some reason it won't let me login. Plz deal with this soon I really want to have a go.

jigsaw101 · 5 months ago

We can't access the app either. Signed up with our normal username and msge says authorisarion link will be sent to parents email. But nothing has arrived yet. Can u help?

aeroplane · 5 months ago

Hi icool
You watch the videos on the app😊

kingdino1 · 5 months ago

How do you get the prizes? I haven’t downloaded it yet why set a timer? Anyway hello @gamer07

dintent · 4 months ago

Hello everyone I can’t wait to play this game for
Sunday morning!!!!!!!!!😂

oceangirl · 4 months ago

It’s good but I get out on the 2nd question

linecony · 1 month ago


poppycup · 3 weeks ago

Is this app good

dawn72500 · 20 hours ago

dose it even work?