WIN! Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition


Closes: 5th July 2022

We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Exploding Kittens to give away a copy of the epic party game
Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor edition to ten lucky readers! 

Following on from the original dodgeball card game of the same name in which players go head to head to collect cards while throwing and avoiding squishy, adorable Burritos, Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition has all the fun stuff of the original game, but we’ve seriously upgraded the throwable burritos!

Instead of throwing cute squishy foam burritos, you get to launch gigantic inflatable burriots at your friends while playing with hilariously oversized cards. Draw cards (keep them a secret), rack up points by finding three of a kind in the deck (before anyone else) and if someone plays a burrito card, battle begins!

Some battles involve a handful of players, others force the entire group to engage in a burrito war – duel to determine the winner!

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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