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Amazing Book Bundles from the Lollies Awards


Closes: 16th August 2018

WE all love to giggle! To celebrate the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards 2018, also known as the Lollies, we have two sets of the entire shortlist to give away.

All 12 books, from picture books to older fiction, have been written by some of the UK’s leading authors and are guaranteed to have you in stitches! Children’s novelist, poet, and former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and the panel of other judges, including CBBC presenter Katie Thistleton, made the selection of shortlisted books in three age categories.

And the best thing? The winning books are decided by you, your parents and teachers! Vote for your favourite book NOW at www.scholasti or via the Scholastic channel on the PopJam app. Voting is open until 14 December. To be in with a chance of winning the books, just answer this question:

Amazing Book Bundles from the Lollies Awards



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electr1fy · 3 weeks ago

I loved that book when I was younger. Michael Rosen is an inspiration!

pugfan22 · 3 weeks ago

I wish everyone good luck and congrats to the winner ( whoever you may be ,at the time this was written there was no winner)🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👍

hamester5 · 3 weeks ago

i love books

dogsrock16 · 3 weeks ago


aaronmum · 3 weeks ago

Still love that book!

poetcorner · 3 weeks ago

I love that book since i was little.

dolfincake · 2 weeks ago

Michael Rosen has done many vids. watch them all theyre hilarious LOL

westlodgec · 2 weeks ago

My sister loves funny books!

zoegray · 2 weeks ago

amazing competition, thank you!

pixiedog · 2 weeks ago

We’re going on a bear hunt we’re going to catch a big one we’re not scared!
I loved this epic book and my littl sister loves it now to!

sangn08 · 2 weeks ago

I would love to win this prize!

zsanaz3 · 2 weeks ago

I like the 📚 s.

zsanaz3 · 2 weeks ago

I like the 📚 s.

chrism1 · 2 weeks ago


simontink · 2 weeks ago

I love reading. it is my favourite hobby

roses21 · 2 weeks ago

I remember reading this book in class and I loved it so fascinating I love Michael Rosen

ozzy1203 · 2 weeks ago

I've just met Michael Rosen at Hay Festival, he's a genius!

issy2008 · 2 weeks ago


ajdude · 2 weeks ago

Love the book

shadey · 2 weeks ago

love it

rufie3457 · 2 weeks ago

its ok not the best

gamer07 · 2 weeks ago

Great book

con-con · 2 weeks ago

When we were doing poetry in literacy at school everyone was kind of bored but then we watched a clip of Michal Rosen narrating ‘chocolate cake’ a poem that he wrote , it was so funny everyone cheered up.

trollo · 2 weeks ago

Love to win these!

fantastico · 2 weeks ago

I love the book

fantastico · 2 weeks ago


meadwaym · 2 weeks ago

Used to love this book

umarkhan · 2 weeks ago

I eat words

graciewose · 2 weeks ago

nice prize i love reading and i read the book lots of time by the way it is the last one

sootysweep · 2 weeks ago

i loved that book when i was little. My mum used to know it of by heart!

herobrian · 2 weeks ago

#i love books

misspops · 1 week ago

I ❤️ LOL books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

janette · 1 week ago

Good luck

owly · 1 week ago

Lol Harry Potter goes on a bear hunt!!!

ti-10 · 1 week ago

I love this book as well! It's very nice and I also love the illustrations. Michael Rosen is a very talented author!

ti-10 · 1 week ago

Michael Rosen is a very talented author. I love his funny ideas and his unique style!

daisy101 · 1 week ago

I love Michael Rosen's poem Toothbrush it is the best

izzy_wizzy · 7 days ago

I read that book time and time again. A toddler classic ‘novel’ 😀

caramac4 · 6 days ago

my favourite book when i was little

hothare84 · 6 days ago


oritime · 5 days ago

I love books so much I hope I get them.

hagrid · 5 days ago

I used to know the words to that story off by heartand back to front, good luck everyone

hagrid · 5 days ago

I used to know the words to that story off by heart and back to front, good luck everyone!

monkey276 · 5 days ago


catzrule19 · 5 days ago


giraffe8 · 5 days ago


drummercmd · 4 days ago

best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roseydog · 4 days ago

I love laugh out loud books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bela · 4 days ago

to first news
i can not believe how amazing it is that theres an oportunity to get free books my cousins birthday. this is perfect but i do understand if there are other people who also need books to educate them and help them to read who are in more need than my cousin. so if you have a heart made of pure gold it would be deeply appriciated if you took notice of my note
good luck everyone 🎁

shadow14 · 3 days ago

Love to read books. These would be great to read!

taby · 3 days ago

Every ones favourite

gwynfryn · 3 days ago

I have never red the story but I love reading so I can enjoy them too

kokomills · 3 days ago

I love reading!

dobbyboo · 3 days ago

I used to love that book
Fingeres crossed I win
never won a competition

leyla401 · 3 days ago

My kids loved that book!

loladoyle · 2 days ago

"were going to catch a big one but im not scared "

whiteknigh · 2 days ago

My seven year old loves reading and puts such emphasis on each different voice.
Her 4 year old brother likes her to read again, again and again the same book
until her memorises it then shows you him reading it himself.

They idolise books.

snakey168 · 1 day ago

Would love this bundle to keep me going through the rest of the summer 🤞