Limited Edition Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia


Closes: 29th October 2020

Britannica, one of the world’s most trusted sources of knowledge, has launched a brand-new, up-to-date encyclopedia for children.

Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t covers more than 170 topics verified by 100 experts in their fields, including the universe, Earth, matter, life, humans, ancient and medieval times, modern times, and today and tomorrow. 

It features more than 1,000 stunning photographs and illustrations, alongside hundreds of astonishing facts and mysteries yet to be solved, all guaranteed to make you want to find out more. It might even inspire you to try and solve these mysteries in the future! 

We have eight luxury limited-edition copies of Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t up for grabs.

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Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t, edited by Christopher Lloyd, from Britannica Books.
Also available as a luxury limited edition presented in a slipcase with gold-edged pages, two ribbon markers and a bookplate signed by Christopher Lloyd.



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I love reading fact books.

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I'm kinda a bit geek, so this book is perfect

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I finding out about facts

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I love reading and would love an encyclopaedia!

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I wonder who will get this book

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hope I win

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This looks great for reading WHILST having fun!

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I love First UK.

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I would love to win this. It looks amazing.

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Oooh this prize looks fabulous

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i like books

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I love reading

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Pick me please

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This book looks cool 👍

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I really, really would love an encyclopedia, I hope there is a section about Ants!

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I love this prize!!!!!! Would love to win it, Good Luck to everyone

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Brilliant giveaway x

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I’d love an encyclopaedia, it’s been on my Christmas list for ages!

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Science is one subject that I have always found fascinating at school and even till now!

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great prize