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James And The Giant Peach Goodies


Closes: 20th September 2018

It’s Roald Dahl Day – the day when everyone goes completely bananas (or should that be peaches?) over Roald Dahl’s brilliant books and characters.

This year, James And The Giant Peach takes centre stage and five lucky readers can get their hands on a bumper package of James And The Giant Peach goodies.

Your delicious bundle of treats includes two books published by Puffin – a shiny new edition of the original novel, illustrated, of course, by Quentin Blake, and James’s Giant Bug Book, packed with fascinating facts about creepy-crawlies and fun activities to try at home.

You’ll also receive a gorgeous James And The Giant Peach hand puppet from Fiesta Crafts and a jaw-dropping clock from Star Editions. Better clear some space on your bedroom wall!

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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Benjyb1 · 2 weeks ago

#first to comment

puppyking · 2 weeks ago


irem · 2 weeks ago

Second to comment! Cool ! I love Roald Dahl books. My favourite is Matilda !
I will definately celabrate Roald Dahl Day 2018 !

martishka · 2 weeks ago

The answer is miss spider

gwynfryn · 2 weeks ago

I ♥️Roald Dahl books I hope I win 😀📖

uniglitz · 2 weeks ago

2nd to comment

5kyl0rd · 2 weeks ago

Hope I win!:)

squizzy · 2 weeks ago

My favourite Ronald Dahl book! 😊

hannah87 · 2 weeks ago


maevegall · 2 weeks ago


nickoo2000 · 2 weeks ago


hatties · 2 weeks ago

I love Roald Dahls books!🦍👋🙏

taco23 · 2 weeks ago


cyborg881 · 2 weeks ago

Roald Dahl is an excellent story teller.

1stnews123 · 2 weeks ago

Great competition

oritime · 2 weeks ago

I Would Love to Win SOO much!!!

oritime · 2 weeks ago

It would be so cool to get it!

sprocker · 2 weeks ago

Roald Dahl is amazing his books transform me into another world!

rashr11 · 2 weeks ago

We love Roald Dahl books 🙏🏻

honeymoon · 2 weeks ago


jamespeers · 2 weeks ago


jamespeers · 2 weeks ago


rosiem · 1 week ago

#second to comment!

tt09 · 1 week ago

good luck

sammymonty · 1 week ago

My daughter would love this thanks for the chance

chrism1 · 1 week ago

wow hope I am lucky

eboo5 · 1 week ago

Love Roald Dahl

concon123 · 1 week ago

I love this book so much but I lost it so really hope I can win it

aaronmum · 1 week ago

I love this story

benj1983 · 1 week ago


maljam · 1 week ago

I would eat the peach !!!

luckychip · 1 week ago

fantastic have entered

lily.m · 1 week ago

I LOVE Games and the Giant peach.

weasleypuf · 1 week ago

hapy roald dahl day!!!!
harry potter fans?

4of5 · 1 week ago

I'm celebrating Roald Dahl day at my school and I haven't read the book in ages! I hope I win!

bela · 7 days ago

My 4 year old cousin will turn five on the 5th of november an is just learning to read. I think it would be a great idea for her to start wive one of my favourite author Roald Dahl.

draco24 · 7 days ago


delucyboy · 7 days ago

I love James and the giant peach! Great story.

elk10 · 6 days ago


alexamek · 6 days ago


izzydonut · 6 days ago

i don't mind if don't win but LOVE roald dahl's books and would love 2 win

clockwise · 6 days ago

I really want it I would love it so much🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

will0wa · 5 days ago

Love these books!

Leeandari · 5 days ago

Comment 'birthday' if you selabreted his birthday on the 13th of september.......

hockey123 · 5 days ago

my little sister is 8 and is already super excited about getting this! :)

galactic12 · 5 days ago

James and the giant peach is my favourite Roald Dahl book.

dansgirl1 · 5 days ago

Hey just entered lol

leonardow · 4 days ago


fortnite60 · 4 days ago

Love Roald Dahl, hope I'm lucky :)

sammymonty · 3 days ago

Amazing bundle thank you for the chance

tillytwo · 3 days ago


minyamoo · 2 days ago


joanne123 · 2 days ago

Thanks for the great competition. Would make my kids happy.

dung106 · 2 days ago

Love James and the giant peach

jd1978 · 1 day ago


carlychoc · 1 day ago

We love Roald Dahl, timeless stories

bingo8 · 1 day ago

I love Roald Dahl books!

mumofmags · 1 day ago

Such a great book!

lisalilly · 1 day ago

Yay 😀

harleyq · 21 hours ago