WIN! Cats Presentation Sets


Closes: 30th June 2022

Royal Mail has issued a set of eight new stamps which feature cats doing what they do best. 

The cats include a mix of pedigree breeds and moggies, representing some of the most popular owned cats in the UK – each is then shown on the stamps in characteristic behaviour. 

Cats shown on the stamps are: Siamese; Tabby; Ginger cat; British Shorthair; Maine Coon; Black-and-white cat; Bengal; and a Tabby-and-white.

We have 15 Cats Presentation Packs up for grabs. 

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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taby · 2 weeks ago

Would be lovely to collect

luckywolf · 1 week ago

Are these like stamps for a letter? But… it would be nice to win it… I guess.

shewan2012 · 1 week ago

i love cats

shewan2012 · 1 week ago

really cool

vishy_11 · 1 week ago

i love cats!!!

kravmaga · 1 week ago

We love cats and rescue them so this would be amazing to win

yiyuans · 1 week ago


mistywater · 1 week ago

I love cats! I really hope I win!!

teamcathod · 1 week ago

I love cats!

flynnralph · 1 week ago

I would love to give these to my Aunty Ruth she loves cats and has one just like the £2.55 stamp.

travel · 7 days ago

These stamps look great!

7iron7 · 6 days ago