Brilliant Bugs Presentation Sets


Closes: 29th October 2020

Royal Mail has launched a set of six stamps that celebrate the diversity, intrigue and importance of insects that pollinate UK plants.

The stamps explore insects – including bees and butterflies – and other often overlooked important pollinators, including moths, beetles, hoverflies and wasps.

Featured are six important insect pollinators feeding on flowers they typically visit: Common Carder Bee, Painted Lady Butterfly, Longhorn Beetle, Elephant Hawk-moth, Marmalade Hoverfly and Ruby-tailed Wasp.

Pollinators are responsible for pollination of vast quantities of food crops for humans and farm animals, and the pollination of wild plants including flowers and some trees. Of all plants worldwide, more than 85% are pollinated by insects and other animals. There are thought to be more than five million species of these ‘brilliant bugs’ worldwide.

We have 15 Brilliant Bug Presentation Stamp Packs up for grabs.

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olivia8888 · 5 days ago

Pick me please

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