An #UpsideDownChallenge Game


Closes: 28th October 2021

Are you game enough to take on the #UpsideDownChallengeTM? 

Put on the blue goggles and suddenly nothing looks the same anymore!  The goggles have flipped your vision 180 degrees and now it’s ever so tricky to do normal things like pour a glass of water, write your name on paper, or give a high five.  

Everything is topsy turvy, hilariously funny and #UpsideDownChallengeTM is a perfect game for all the family this Christmas. The game comes with more than 100 challenges included on cards, plus instructions.  

It’s crazy, more challenging than it may first appear, and guaranteed to create lots of laughs.

We have ten #UpsideDownChallengeTM games up for grabs. 

It’s the best fun you’ll have this Christmas. Available from Argos.

To be in with a chance of winning, and to take on the challenge with friends and family, just answer this question:

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7iron7 · 1 week ago


hettie26 · 1 week ago

This sounds like fun!

taby · 1 week ago

Fantastic prize

crazymum77 · 6 days ago

Fantastic, looks like fun with the family x

chesspro · 6 days ago

dEfInItElY gOiNg To WiN tHiS

kaytil · 6 days ago

Looks likes lots of laughing whilst playing!

thn14 · 5 days ago

Great prize

phoenixgir · 4 days ago

Good luck everyone!
I hope I win, I haven't EVER won anything

supermax18 · 4 days ago

Yay! 😎

yifanwang · 4 days ago

I like to be upside down.

tigerguy54 · 3 days ago