A Vivid Outdoor Toy Bundle


Closes: 24th June 2021

BLAST into Summer with Vivid’s awesome outdoor toy line up!

Aim, shoot… SPLASH! Take water fights to the next level with the awesome HydroClash! Complete with everything you need for an action-packed water fight. The special ammo is submerged in water before loading which leads to extreme splashing on impact!

Bounce into summer with the amazing Super Wubble bubble ball! Squishy, soft and super stretchy, this unique toy looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball! If you love the Super Wubble, why not check out the Wacky Wubble! With no pump required, the Wacky Wubble features squishy spikes that feel amazing.

Phlat Ball is the award-winning original transforming disc ball! Phlat Ball V4 transforms from a larger 9” disc to a 6” diameter ball when thrown; you just squeeze it, throw it and catch it!

Five lucky readers will win a Hydroclash Elite, Super Wubble, Wacky Wubble and a Phlat Ball 4.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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mich16 · 1 week ago

Fun thank you

scarlett20 · 1 week ago

What a cool prize

drearathor · 1 week ago

am excited to win

brethren · 1 week ago

Cool competition

ajrocks · 1 week ago

thi is awesome

taby · 1 week ago

My cousin would love this

lilacperil · 1 week ago

So Much Fun in the Sun

diamond220 · 1 week ago

Yay! First one to comment.

humbugs · 1 week ago

First to comment!!

janinder · 1 week ago

Woo hoo! First comment!

gabriellab · 1 week ago

Great competition ! Good luck everyone.

goldkitty1 · 1 week ago

Fun prize

sweetie091 · 1 week ago

This is so 😎

candyapple · 1 week ago

yay! first to comment. these look so cool!!!

scallywag · 1 week ago

First news is the best I love it so much

flamingo27 · 1 week ago

OMG, I always see this on TV and me (Ella) and my sister(Grace) really want it.
We really want to win fingers crossed!🤞
Good luck everyone!😁
I just hope we submited the right thing!
From E and G.
PS. We ❤first news.

toffee2012 · 6 days ago

I wish they did something for ultra sun Pokémon

fuzzyduck · 6 days ago

Soooooooooooooo fun