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A Tech Will Save Us Music Studio Pack


Closes: 12th December 2019

Ever wondered how an electric guitar really works or how musicians record, layer and remix tracks?

Whether you’re an aspiring rock star or music producer, these supercharged kits made by Tech Will Save Us will help you learn how to create your own electronic music. Each pack includes the Electro Guitar Kit (build a cardboard electric guitar), the Record + Remix Kit (build a sound sampler and produce your own music tunes) and the Synth Wave Kit (learn how to create, control and record sound waves). Plus, you’ll receive a super-cool Electro-Bolt T-Shirt too!

We have five amazing Music Studio Packs up for grabs. 

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the following question:

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taby · 6 days ago

Amazing prizes as always

catonclan · 6 days ago


nyan_123 · 6 days ago

I’m gonna give this to my brother. I was never fond of music anyways😅

nyan_123 · 6 days ago

That is if I win...

i.q.t.pup · 6 days ago

First to comment 🤗!

i.q.t.pup · 6 days ago

Prize looks AMAZING 😉 !!!!!!

estherma34 · 6 days ago

First to comment!!!!!!!!

cycloneex · 6 days ago

I will win

party · 6 days ago

I hope I win

opsm909 · 6 days ago

first one

maevegall · 5 days ago

these seem like amazing prizes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

linecony · 5 days ago

I love prentending to play,

artymartin · 5 days ago

I would quite like to win this competition because I like tech and music.

bigbouille · 5 days ago

ooooohhhh first one to leave a comment! It will bring me luck - fingercrossed!

johyunyi · 5 days ago

First one!

adikinzaal · 5 days ago

Please can I have this.

omangion · 5 days ago

I love Music.

backbender · 5 days ago

I'd love to win this competition!💖

erinat5 · 5 days ago

Sounds awesome.
I love making stuff and I would love a electric guitar made by myself.

hermie1 · 5 days ago

First to comment 💖

netcheer11 · 5 days ago


netcheer11 · 5 days ago

First LOL

hermie1 · 4 days ago


horrible08 · 3 days ago

Hope i win

horrible08 · 3 days ago

I reely whant to win

ohme3454 · 3 days ago

I love first news!!!!!!!!!!!

qelgrun · 3 days ago

Good luck all!

singsongla · 2 days ago

Win 👍👍👍👍😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏉