A Royal Mail 2021 Yearbook


Closes: 27th January 2022

The Royal Mail Yearbook brings together all the Special Stamp issues from 2021.  

This year’s book shows us that stories intersect and overlap; events in one arena often have a profound effect on another. 

This notion has been subtly woven into the design, which features layered photography and typography. Graphic demarcations are questioned; boundaries are blurred. 

The Year Book contains every Special Stamp and Miniature Sheet issued in 2021 in mint condition; a total of 146 Special Stamps. 15 chapters each dedicated to the Special Stamp issues in 2021, written by an expert in the field. 

It’s a hardback book with 64 pages in full colour and a limited edition of just 5,000 individually numbered books.

One lucky winner will win the Yearbook 2021 from Royal Mail.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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lilacperil · 1 week ago

I wish i owned one of the Penny Blacks where the Queen was facing the wrong way!!

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Would be an amazing gift to pass down

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Great giveaway

Good luck all x

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ME 2

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I like collecting stamps

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I'd love to have that stamp in my collection!

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Thank You.

jabs7274 · 4 days ago

I hope I win I have never won a competition

abbiez · 4 days ago

Good luck every one

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This is a fantastic giveaway

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Philanthropy fan

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I love to collect stamps!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!

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Fantastic prize , thank you 😊