A Pop-A-Tops Games Bundle


Closes: 2nd December 2021

We’ve teamed up with PlayMonster Games to offer ten lucky readers the chance to win a brilliant Pop-A-Tops games bundle!

Pop-A-Tops are compact, packable and portable games each offering unique brilliant game play! Simply pop the top to “roll” the dice! 

The bundle contains all four games: In Bake-A-Cake, race to collect and match the cake topping card to build your cupcake. If you roll the Cake Monster’s mouth your cake is guzzled and its back to the start!  The player who creates the perfect cupcake first wins! 

With Match-A-Martian, you have to be the first Earthling to match the card to the dice to win! Race to find, match and grab the alien card first to win the round. Take turns to “Pop the top” to roll the dice and then grab the matching card. 

And with Dino Scores and Pet Factor, just Pop the top to “roll” the dice and match with a Dinoscore or Pet piece! The player with the highest score that matches the dice roll and grabs the piece first keeps it.

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this question:

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scarlett20 · 2 weeks ago

Looks cool

scarlet10 · 2 weeks ago

this looks so cool

ameliawolf · 2 weeks ago


jabs7274 · 1 week ago

Looks fun

jabs7274 · 1 week ago

Looks fun hope I win

jayden7 · 1 week ago

If I win I will give them to my sisyer, she is six, I am her brother.

kristina10 · 1 week ago

Fantastic prize! xx

luigi55 · 1 week ago

I would LOVEto win this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

kravmaga · 1 week ago

This would be amazing to win

flippy1010 · 1 week ago

never heard of them

raincloud0 · 1 week ago

This looks great

jumper7 · 1 week ago

I have always wanted to have this game

daisy-1002 · 6 days ago

I love bake a cake

izzyk7 · 5 days ago

Thanks x

clementher · 4 days ago

Sound fun and cool😎.

lilahcat · 3 days ago